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Japan Old school and love

Japan Old school and lovely ALPINE A110 I would like to thank everyone who has reposted my pictures. Including but not limited to Mercedes official, Citron official, Nissan Japan official, mass media / tv, publishers, and car enthusiasts. Many requests from people all around the world. My official website is currently under construction, so please look forward to the release! I took all of these photos in Japan. I am crazy about cars, for more than 40 years. I've had more than 500 vehicles, that I shoot and drive. I'll post a few photo stocks to my Instagram. I can't count how many photos I have. Ive driven in most of the car manufacturers from around the world. I love sports cars. Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus etc... Mostly, I own air cooled Porsches from 356 to 993. of course, I've had most of the Japanese cars as well. like a Z, Skyline etc.. If you like my photos, Please share them on your account with my tag and credit. I am happy to see people appreciate Japanese car life all around the world. Please let me know if you have any questions about any car or a photo shoot in Japan. #alpine #alpinea110 #alpine110 #a110 #renault #renault4 #renaultr8 #renaultalpine #renaultsport #renault5 #renaultclub #renaultclassic #renaultlove #gordini #citroen #peugeot #carporn #frenchcar #lovecars #instacars #carphotographer #carphotography #jdm #porsche #ferrari #lotus #alfaromeo #honda #instadaily #instaphoto

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The earliest known inhabitation of the area dates back 12,000 years, according to archaeologists, evidenced by recent finds. Excavations unearthed a campsite with firepit and more than 600 artifacts including stone tool fragments and arrowheads. The area of the present-day city of Fredericton was first used for seasonal farming by the Maliseet peoples. Maliseet cultivated food plants including: beans, pumpkins, Jerusalem artichokes, ground nuts, and maize on the river banks and islands of the Saint John River. In the mid-18th century their principal village of Aucpaque was located several kilometres upriver from the site of present-day Fredericton.

The University of New Brunswick(UNB) was founded in 1785, making it the oldest public university in North America, compared to the oldest private university, Harvard University, in 1636. Built in 1826, UNB's Old Arts Building is the oldest university building still in use in Canada. UNB also houses Renaissance College, which is a leading leadership training institution in New Brunswick. UNB houses a Faculty of Law which is one of two Anglophone common-law schools in Atlantic Canada.

Due to the presence of the universities, Fredericton is more cosmopolitan than many cities its size. This is reflected in cuisine offered by local ethnic restaurants (which include Caribbean, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Mexican, Pakistani and Vietnamese foods). There are also several retail outlets that sell ethnic products and artifacts. Fredericton is an important cultural centre of the region featuring art galleries, the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, museums and theatres which promote local artistic and literary talent. The federal government named Fredericton the "Cultural Capital of Canada" for the year 2009. Officers' Square is an outdoor public space located at the centre of the city. It serves as a venue for outdoor concerts during the summer, featuring a variety of local and national talent. During the winter, Officers' Square is transformed into an outdoor skating rink. Architecturally, Fredericton spans more than two centuries. The city features an eclectic mix of buildings and residences ranging from classical Victorian style to modern office buildings and architecture. Frederictons skyline is also distinguished by many historic churches. There are 12 National Historic Sites of Canada in Fredericton.

Air service is provided out of the Fredericton International Airport, located approximately 15 kilometres east of downtown in Lincoln. It is served by Air Canada Express, which operates direct flights to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. Seasonal direct flights are also offered to Cuba and the Caribbean during the late winter and early spring months. As of May 2015, WestJet Encore provides daily Q400 Turboprop service to Toronto.