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Not everybody has to understand you, or know all the good things you do, or even like you. Haters live in hate and the only comrade of hate is ignorance. This means that those who hate on you simply are ignorant of who you are and what you do. I don't take their accusations or criticism personally. Instead I challenge them to do it bigger and better otherwise I know they're just making noise _______________________________ #haters #youonlyliveonce #yolo #behumble #biggerandbetter #makinnoise #accusations #criticism #challenge #dobetter #ignorance #miserylovescompany #ingore #childish

"We do not #grow absolute

"We do not #grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one #dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are #mature in one realm, #childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, #constellations." - Anas Nin ... Good morning, #Austin (and the wonderful Instagram universe). These #lightning #whelk #seashells remind me of the way that #therapy can help us recover #resources we lost along the way or never had a chance you develop in the first place -- resources for self-compassion, for setting loving #boundaries, for emotional regulation, and so many others. .... #quote #dailyquotes #anaisnin #lightningwhelk #nature #houstonmuseumofnaturalscience #ilovescience #ilovetexas #ilovehouston #austin #austintherapy #austintherapist #couplescounseling #mentalhealth #counseling #mentalhealthawareness #chronicpain #chronicillness

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Lippy #miata #lip #riced out turn signals because you used plasti dip instead of something legit that I'm probably going to end up doing anyways and wasted my time doing in the first place #childish

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He is a consistent advocate for amateurism and free emotional expression. Childish co-founded the Stuckism art movement with Charles Thomson in 1999, which he left in 2001. Since then a new evaluation of Childish's standing in the art world has been under way, culminating with the publication of a critical study of Childish's working practice by the artist and writer Neal Brown, with an introduction by Peter Doig, which describes Childish as "one of the most outstanding, and often misunderstood, figures on the British art scene". He is a visiting lecturer at Rochester Independent College. In July 2014 Childish was awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts Degree from the University of Kent. He is known for his explicit and prolific work he has detailed his love life and childhood sexual abuse, notably in his early poetry and the novels My Fault (1996), Notebooks of a Naked Youth (1997), Sex Crimes of the Futcher (2004) The Idiocy of Idears (2007), and in several of his songs, notably in the instrumental "Paedophile" (1992) (featuring a photograph of the man who sexually abused him on the front cover) and "Every Bit of Me" (1993). From 1981 until 1985 Childish had a relationship with artist Tracey Emin. Thirty years after Childish's first musical releases with Thee Milkshakes and Thee Mighty Caesars, a crop of lo-fi, surf rock and punk groups with psychedelic subtexts has surfaced referencing the aesthetic established by Childish in both their band names and in various aspects of their sonic aesthetic: Thee Oh Sees, Thee Open Sex, Thee Tsunamis, Thee Dang Dangs and many others.

Billy Childish was born, lives and works in Chatham, Kent, England. He has described his father, John Hamper, as a "complex, sociopathic narcissist": Hamper was jailed during Childish's teenage years for drug smuggling. Although he had an early and close association with many of the artists who became known as "YBA" artists he has resolutely asserted his independent status. He was sexually abused when he was aged nine by a male family friend: "We were on holiday. I had to share a bed with him. It happened for several nights, then I refused to go near him. I didn't tell anyone". He left secondary school at 16, an undiagnosed dyslexic. Refused an interview at the local art college, he entered Chatham Dockyard, Kent, as an apprentice stonemason. During the next six months (the artists only prolonged period of conventional employment), he produced some 600 drawings in "the tea huts of hell". On the basis of this work he was accepted into Saint Martin's School of Art, where he was friends with the artist Peter Doig, to study painting. However, his acceptance was short-lived and he was expelled in 1982 before completing the course. He then lived on the dole for 15 years. In 2006 Childish turned down the offer to appear on Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother. Childish has practised yoga and meditation since the early 1990s.