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Hi guys we need

URGENT . Hi guys we need your help. . These cats need our help. They are dirty and hungry. The shelter doesn't feed them well. Some of them are sick which can spread to the others. . @violettahn has reported to the animal lovers but no response. She can not report to the police cause she only has limited time in Malaysia. We need your help to rescue these cute cats from the shelter (Omey Shelter) and share this. . If you have suggestion please contact her. . Regran from @violettasrescue #funnycatpics #funnycatsofinstagram #catsoninstagram #catselfie #catselfies #catsofinstagram #catsofinstagrams #catmemes #catmeme #catjoke #catjokes #cat #catstagram #catstagramm #catsagram #lovecats #lovecatsforever #instagramcats #instacats #cats #lolcats #funnycats #funnycat #caturday #caturdays #catlover #catlovers #catloversclub #catloversworld

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