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W-who are you!? 
Haha, su

W-who are you!? Haha, surprise! Look at this moody little catboy! Isn't he precious?! I happened upon an original release Dearmine Evans for a crazy good price with his ears, tail, default faceup, box and COA and everything and just couldn't resist snatching him up. He was just a bit dirty and needed some restringing but other than that he was in perfect condition. Fun fact! I actually owned a Dearmine doll, Rachel, a long time ago. She didn't work out but I've always wanted to get another of their dolls someday, particularly one of their anthropomorphic dolls! Dearmine has the BEST resin by the way! The texture is so unique! Also, I have owned one other anthro doll in the past and they were a lot of fun! I stopped pursuing that character and the storyline she belonged to a while back to focus just on my Unitrios story with my MSDs, but I've always wanted to get another anthro doll some day. This guy was definitely an impulse buy, but I've actually been working more on fleshing out a group of "villain" characters in my story since I decided to change up my Soom Shale and I think that this guy might be a perfect fit amongst them! Not sure on his name yet or what his exact look will be, but definitely black and yellow are his colors! I've been dying to have a character with this color scheme for ages Anyway we'll see how thing go with him! No promises he'll end up working out, but I really hope it does because he's amazing! Also side note but MY MINIFEE KAI AND SIRCCA ARRIVED AT DDE ALREADY its only been a week over a month since I ordered so that is insane! But uh...this guy kinda came up sooooo it'll probably be a few more weeks until I pay off my layaway haha~ So crazy exciting though!! #bjd #doll #dearmine #dearmineevans #catboy

Buenos dias por aca me le

Buenos dias por aca me levante con gatuno y no con emi y claramente no quera ir al colegio por que tenia que salvar el dia DISFRACES BAJO PEDIDO PJ MASK!! Desliza #pjmasks #catboy #gatuno

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Terry helped form the original line-up of The Aquabats in 1994 alongside fellow musicians Christian Jacobs and Chad Larson, all of whom knew each other through mutual friends in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). According to Larson, it was Terry's presence which was largely responsible for The Aquabats deciding to start out as a ska band with a horn section, as both he and Jacobs had wanted to include Terry as a member despite the trumpet being the only instrument he could play. Terry is also credited for creating the band's iconic costumes, having personally stitched together their original custom rashguards and helmets from spare lycra and neoprene he acquired from Aleeda, a wetsuit-manufacturing company both he and his brother worked for at the time. During his tenure with The Aquabats, Terry played trumpet and similar valved instruments on all of the band's recordings from their 1994 demo tapes to the 2000 compilation Myths, Legends and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2. He has been credited with writing or co-writing several of the band's songs, most notably "Pool Party!" and the b-side "Mucho Gusto", on which he also sang lead vocals. During The Aquabats' career lull in the early 2000s, Terry amicably parted ways with the band in 2002. His departure was informally announced on The Aquabats' website in a September 7, 2002 news update, facetiously stating that a vague "terrible accident" had left him "incapacitated indefinitely...allegedly". Since leaving The Aquabats, Terry has pursued a career in apparel design, having worked for both RVCA and Nike. In the fall of 2009, he briefly re-joined the band to play a series of holiday shows throughout Southern California, and in 2012, he made a cameo appearance in the "Showtime!" episode of The Aquabats' television series The Aquabats! Super Show!, playing a superhero appropriately named "Catboy".

The Return of The Aquabats (1995) trumpet The Fury of The Aquabats! (1997) trumpet, cornet, vocals, sousaphone, Hammond B3 The Aquabats vs. the Floating Eye of Death! (1999) trumpet, vocals Myths, Legends and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 (2000) trumpet, vocals

PJ Masks follows three 6-year-olds, Connor, Amaya, and Greg, who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbours, classmates, and friends. However, at night, they become Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, and fight crime as the PJ Masks, a superhero team. Together they go on adventures, defeat criminals, solve mysteries, and learn valuable lessons.