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s 14h21min, Claudiano de

s 14h21min, Claudiano de Sousa, 37, inicia sua rotina frente da linha de nibus 401 - Montese/Parangaba, saindo do Centro da Capital, e encerra s 23h48min no Terminal da Parangaba. Puxado como ele define a rotina que o fez criar o canal nibus Urbano CE, espao onde fala sobre a paixo pela profisso e pelas histrias que ajuda a conduzir, diariamente, h seis anos como condutor de transporte coletivo. Claudiano grava os vdeos do prprio celular, onde fala, alm da rotina, sobre caractersticas dos modelos de nibus que dirige. Atualmente, ele possui mais de 1.300 inscritos no canal e cerca de 180 mil visualizaes. (Foto: Arquivo Pessoal) #motorista #nibus #youtuber #youtube #videos #canal #fortaleza #cear #opovo

Hackney London does cool

Hackney London does cool and so it was of no surprise to discover these ultra cool container offices on a canal walk today - "ContainerVille" is Langulin's Design of The Day. ContainerVille is a home for start-ups and small businesses, consisting of 45 containers arranged over three floors and up-cycled into modern work spaces next to the Regents Canal. Each container can accommodate up to six desks and is kitted out to function perfectly as a clean, modern work space with wifi, double glazing, heater,electricity and a kitchen unit. The whole site is protected with CCTV, with 24 hour access for tenants. Containers are available to rent for periods of six months or more at a monthly rent of 1,000. Photos by Langulin / @luijxn - random canal photos after picture 1. #London #containerville #rent #officespace #office #accommodation #Hackney #UK #England #canal #victoriapark #eastlondon #work #rest #play #overcast #weather #workingholiday #startups #containers #regentscanal #walk #mapmyrun #yogabound #graffiti #shoteditch #water #boat

Mooier worden ze niet...

Mooier worden ze niet... #Repost @upp_nl An inbetween #sunset and #bluehour shot of the Hotel de l'Europe. This is the beginning of the river #amstel in #amsterdam On the left is the #Rokin and #oudeturfmarkt On the right the #kloveniersburgwal This picture is a #panorama stitch of 7 photo's. #canal #canalhouses #hoteldeleurope #longexposure #reflections #bridges #cityscape #beautifulcolors #beautifulcity #canon #reallyrightstuff #rokinamsterdam #paleiskwartier #paleiskwartieramsterdam #amsterdam #deleuropeams

An extract on #canal

The main difference between them is that a navigation parallels a river and shares part of its waters, its drainage basin and leverages its resources by building dams and locks to increase and lengthen its long stretches of deep enough slack water levels while staying in its valley. In contrast, a canal cuts across a drainage divide atop a ridge (however humble), generally requiring an external water source above the highest elevation. Many canals have been built at elevations towering over valleys and others water ways crossing far below. Cities need a lot of fresh water and many canals with sources of water at a higher level can deliver water to a destination where there is a lack of water. The Roman Empire's Aqueducts were such water supply canals.

A navigation is a series of channels that run roughly parallel to the valley and stream bed of an unimproved river. A navigation always shares the drainage basin of the river. A vessel uses the calm parts of the river itself as well as improvements, traversing the same changes in height. A true canal is a channel that cuts across a drainage divide, making a navigable channel connecting two different drainage basins. Most commercially important canals of the first half of the 19th century were a little of each, using rivers in long stretches, and divide crossing canals in others. This is true for many canals still in use.

Both navigations and canals use engineered structures to improve navigation: weirs and dams to raise river water levels to usable depths; looping descents to create a longer and gentler channel around a stretch of rapids or falls; locks to allow ships and barges to ascend/descend. Since they cut across drainage divides, canals are more difficult to construct and often need additional improvements, like viaducts and aqueducts to bridge waters over streams and roads, and ways to keep water in the channel.

There are two broad types of canal: Waterways: canals and navigations used for carrying vessels transporting goods and people. These can be subdivided into two kinds: Those connecting existing lakes, rivers, other canals or seas and oceans. Those connected in a city network: such as the Canal Grande and others of Venice Italy; the gracht of Amsterdam, and the waterways of Bangkok. Aqueducts: water supply canals that are used for the conveyance and delivery of potable water for human consumption, municipal uses, hydro power canals and agriculture irrigation.