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Spanish news media speculated about the King's future in early 2014, following criticism and family scandal; the King's chief of staff in a briefing denied that the 'abdication option' was being considered. On the morning of 2 June 2014, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made a televised announcement that the King had told him of his intention to abdicate. Later, the King delivered a televised address and announced that he would abdicate the throne in favour of the Prince of Asturias. Royal officials described the King's choice as a personal decision which he had been contemplating since his 76th birthday at the start of the year. The King reportedly said, "[I] don't want my son to grow old waiting like Prince Charles." As required by the Spanish constitution, any abdication would be settled by means of an organic law. A draft law was passed with 299 in favour, 19 against and 23 abstaining. On 18 June, he signed the organic law passed by parliament several hours before his abdication took effect. Felipe was enthroned on 19 June 2014. Juan Carlos thus became the fourth European monarch to abdicate in just over a year, following Pope Benedict XVI (28 February 2013), Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (30 April 2013), and King Albert II of Belgium (21 July 2013). The Spanish constitution at the time of the abdication did not grant an abdicated monarch the legal immunity of a head of state, but the government was planning to make changes to allow this. Legislation has been passed, although unlike his previous immunity, the new legislation does not completely shield the former sovereign. Juan Carlos must answer to the supreme court, in a similar type of protection afforded to many high-ranking civil servants and politicians in Spain. The legislation stipulates that all outstanding legal matters relating to the former king be suspended and passed "immediately" to the supreme court.

A set of formulas {\displaystyle \Phi } in first-order logic is consistent (written Con {\displaystyle \Phi } ) if and only if there is no formula {\displaystyle \phi } such that {\displaystyle \Phi \vdash \phi } and {\displaystyle \Phi \vdash \lnot \phi } . Otherwise {\displaystyle \Phi } is inconsistent and is written Inc {\displaystyle \Phi } . {\displaystyle \Phi } is said to be simply consistent if and only if for no formula {\displaystyle \phi } of {\displaystyle \Phi } , both {\displaystyle \phi } and the negation of {\displaystyle \phi } are theorems of {\displaystyle \Phi } . {\displaystyle \Phi } is said to be absolutely consistent or Post consistent if and only if at least one formula of {\displaystyle \Phi } is not a theorem of {\displaystyle \Phi } . {\displaystyle \Phi } is said to be maximally consistent if and only if for every formula {\displaystyle \phi } , if Con ( {\displaystyle \Phi \cup \phi } ) then {\displaystyle \phi \in \Phi } . {\displaystyle \Phi } is said to contain witnesses if and only if for every formula of the form x {\displaystyle \exists x\phi } there exists a term t {\displaystyle t} such that ( x t x ) {\displaystyle (\exists x\phi \to \phi {t \over x})\in \Phi } . See First-order logic.