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A dream came true this we

A dream came true this weekend on my birthday I got a "trip" from my bestie.. we have been on some camping with horses before (organized with a leader and stuff.. expensive..) but this time she decided we should try it with our horses! Her coldblod Ilder and my Elmer. Too ride in #vassfaret was the plan.. and we did it! Our biggest "fare" was the camp. To make a fence that the horses was okey with (and in my case.. didn't escape from) . But we were creative and manage to make a camp that water, forest and grass. Elmer and Ilder was amazing, so proud of them and I'm proud of us too.. none of us have a big experience with camping we survived! And without a tent it was so nice to wake up next to Elmer.. and a bunch of blood sucking any of you that want to know more about the trip? And see more pictures? facts about what to do and not to do, camping with horses? (My experience of course) Photo and traveling buddy: @linanystuen - - #vassfaret #donkey #unicorn #hho_post #horseposts #hestefoto #hest #hesterbest #heavenlyhorse #hestefotograf #horse #horselife #horselove #horsepower #bork #buckskinhorse #buckskin #spirit #spiritthestallionofthecimarron #norge #norway #bitless #bitlessbridle #bitlessandbarefoot #barefoot #hicking #camping #paradise #fantastic

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In more recent times, Bork is spending 3-4 million dollars developing a network of monobrand flagship and boutique stores in prestigious areas of Moscow. Seven stores are currently being operated, with more to come in the future.

Bork marketing strategy is unique for the home appliances industry and is focused on supporting premium positioning of the product. Bork actively develops mono-branded flagship stores and boutiques; offers premium customer service including free delivery of products on Meredes-Benz mini vans; uses high impact highly visible billboards for outdoor advertisement; sponsors well known culinary-entertainment programs on TV ("SMAK" on First Channel, "Eat at Home, Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya"). Bork was an official sponsor of the 2006 World Football Championship. .

In 2007 Bork won Brand of The Year award in the category of Household Appliances and recognized as a top 100 brand in Russia according to the World Brand Academy Rating Bork also won 'Article of the Year in Electronics' in the Retail Grand Prix '08.

The Company officially sponsored the World Football Championship broadcast in 2006. On August 24, 2008, an official record in Russia was set for the largest volume of fresh apple juice prepared using a Bork juicer. During 9.5 hours of continuous juicing, 750 kg of apples were processed into 376 liters of juice. 6 people operated the juicer. This event was recorded in the Book of Russian records, which was certified with a relevant diploma. Discovery Channel crew recorded the entire event for a later national broadcast.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bork pursued a legal career after attending the University of Chicago. After working at the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis, he served as a Yale Law School professor. He became a prominent advocate of originalism, calling for judges to hew to the framers' original understanding of the United States Constitution. Bork also became an influential antitrust scholar, arguing that consumers often benefited from corporate mergers and that antitrust law should focus on consumer welfare rather than on ensuring competition. Bork wrote several notable books, including The Antitrust Paradox and Slouching Towards Gomorrah. From 1973 to 1977, Bork served as the Solicitor General under President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford, arguing several cases before the Supreme Court. In the October 1973 Saturday Night Massacre, Bork became Acting Attorney General after his superiors in the Justice Department resigned rather than fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, who was investigating the Watergate scandal. Bork fired Cox and served as Acting Attorney General until January 1974. In 1982, President Reagan appointed Bork to the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. After Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell announced his impending retirement, Reagan nominated Bork to the Supreme Court in 1987, precipitating a contested Senate debate. Opposition to Bork centered on his stated desire to roll back the civil rights decisions of the Warren and Burger courts and his role in the Saturday Night Massacre. Bork's nomination was defeated in the Senate, with 58 of the 100 Senators opposing his nomination. The Supreme Court vacancy was instead filled by another Reagan nominee, Anthony Kennedy. Bork resigned his judgeship in 1988 and served as a professor at the George Mason University School of Law and other institutions. He also advised presidential candidate Mitt Romney and was a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the Hudson Institute before his death in 2012.