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In 1735 an Armenian Catholic diocese was established (Curiate Italian: Ancira degli Ameni). Having fallen into disuse, on 1850.04.30 it was restored. The 19151918 Armenian Genocide put an effective end to the residential diocese, which was only formally suppressed in 1972 and instantly transformed into an Armenian Catholic titular bishopric. The titular see has had a single occupant: Mikail Nerss Stian (1981.07.03 death 2002.09.09), as Apostolic Exarch of United States of America and Canada of the Armenians (USA) (1981.07.03 retired 1993.09.18) and as emeritate.

After the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, the Seljuk Turks overran much of Anatolia. By 1073, the Turkish settlers had reached the vicinity of Ancyra, and the city was captured shortly after, at the latest by the time of the rebellion of Nikephoros Melissenos in 1081. In 1101, when the Crusade under Raymond IV of Toulouse arrived, the city had been under Danishmend control for some time. The Crusaders captured the city, and handed it over to the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos (r.10811118). Byzantine rule did not last long, and the city was captured by the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum at some unknown point; in 1127, it returned to Danishmend control until 1143, when the Seljuks of Rum retook it. After the Battle of Kse Da in 1243, in which the Mongols defeated the Seljuks, most of Anatolia became part of the dominion of the Mongols. Taking advantage of Seljuk decline, a semi-religious cast of craftsmen and trade people named Ahiler chose Ankara as their independent city-state in 1290. Orhan I, the second Bey of the Ottoman Empire, captured the city in 1356. Timur defeated Bayezid I at the Battle of Ankara in 1402 and took the city, but in 1403 Ankara was again under Ottoman control. The Levant Company maintained a factory in the town from 1639 to 1768. In the 19th century, its population was estimated at 20,000 to 60,000. It was sacked by Egyptians under Ibrahim Pasha in 1832. Prior to World War I, the town had a British consulate and a population of around 28,000, roughly of whom were Christian.

Ankara is politically a triple battleground between the ruling conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP), the opposition Kemalist centre-left Republican People's Party (CHP) and the nationalist far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). The province of Ankara is divided into 25 districts. The CHP's key and almost only political stronghold in Ankara lies within the central area of ankaya, which is the city's most populous district. While the CHP has always gained between 60 and 70% of the vote in ankaya since 2002, political support elsewhere throughout Ankara is minimal. The high population within ankaya, as well as Yenimahalle to an extent, has allowed the CHP to take overall second place behind the AKP in both local and general elections, with the MHP a close third, despite the fact that the MHP is politically stronger than the CHP in almost every other district. Overall, the AKP enjoys the most support throughout the city. The electorate of Ankara thus tend to vote in favour of the political right, far more so than the other main cities of Istanbul and zmir. In retrospect, the 201314 protests against the AKP government were particularly strong in Ankara, proving to be fatal on multiple occasions. Melih Gkek has been the Metropolitan Mayor of Ankara since 1994 as a politician from the Welfare Party. He later joined the Virtue Party and then the AKP. Initially elected in the 1994 local elections, he was re-elected in 1999, 2004 and 2009. In the 2014 local election, Gkek stood for a fifth term. The MHP metropolitan mayoral candidate for the 2009 local elections, conservative politician Mansur Yava, stood as the CHP candidate against Gkek. In a heavily controversial election, Gkek was declared the winner by just 1% ahead of Yava amid allegations of systematic electoral fraud. With the Supreme Electoral Council and courts rejecting Yava's appeals, he has declared intention to take the irregularities to the European Court of Human Rights. Although Gkek was inaugurated for a fifth term, most election observers believe that Yava was the winner of the election. The city suffered from a series of terrorist attacks in 2015 and 2016, most notably on 10 October 2015; 17 February 2016; 13 March 2016; and 15 July 2016.