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@britmanuela showing us h

@britmanuela showing us how tanning should be done via @bae.kini.

Madd ! Madd! Tune From  S

Madd ! Madd! Tune From SHATTA WALE x Mr Eazi - HATERSDropping Soon!!!! #SM 4LYF

Rate this look from 1-10,

Rate this look from 1-10, SHE IS

"Da bambino non guardavo

"Da bambino non guardavo i cartoni animati. Ero troppo impegnato a sognare di giocare per il Newcastle." Questa la storia di un giocatore considerato come uno dei centravanti pi forti della storia del calcio inglese. Il classico numero 9. Esuberanza fisica, tiro potente e preciso e senso del gol. Attaccante da 410 gol in carriera tra squadre di club e nazionale. Numeri da brividi. Stiamo parlando di Alan Shearer, che ha dedicato la sua intera carriera a tre squadre non proprio di alto livello: Southampton, Blackburn e soprattutto il suo Newcastle, dove nato e dove ha chiuso la carriera. Dopo aver portato il modesto Blackburn, in coppia con Chris Sutton, alla storica e indimenticabile vittoria del titolo dopo ottantuno anni, Shearer viene ingaggiato dalla squadra del suo cuore, il Newcastle. Nella contea di Tyne and Wear vi rimarr per tutto il resto della sua carriera, nonostante il forte pressing di tanti club pi blasonati. Era troppo attaccato alla sua terra. Sapeva che non avrebbe vinto pi nulla rimanendo l, ma non gli importato. La sua Newcastle per lui era troppo bella, unica: Non me ne andr mai. Amo questa citt. La mia vita qui. Uno degli ultimi romantici, che a 27 anni poteva scegliere di andare li dove avebbe avuto gloria, soldi e vittorie, come al Manchester United, o alla Juventus, ma che ha preferito scegliere l'amore per il suo club e per la sua citt. Buon compleanno Alan, Happy Birthday Bomber! #romanzocalcistico #shearer #newcastle #idol #bomber #football #premierleague #calcio #blackburn #legend #9

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House or Face??
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Long live the Queen #

Long live the Queen #

She is water. Soft enough

She is water. Soft enough to offer life. Tough enough to drown it away. // Rupi Kaur - This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I'm not naturally a "daredevil." Yes, I love adventures as much as the next person, but I'm really quite afraid of a lot of things. - One thing I love but am still deathly afraid of, is water. It's a paradox: I love the ocean and being by large bodies of water, yet the thought of its icy coldness and powerful waves terrifies me. With waterfalls, I love admiring its beauty from afar, but I know that beneath its beautiful facade lies its immense power to pummel down anyone against its sharp rocks below. - So the REALITY behind this photo: it wasn't easy for me to get up on this rock, which looks so tiny now in comparison to the waterfall behind me, yet loomed so large and was so difficult to climb up on in the moment. If it wasn't for my (more) adventurous friend, I probably never would have tried climbing up on this rock at all. - But though it scared me, I'm glad I challenged myself. The mist from the falls sprayed in our faces and hair, and I can honestly say that I felt joy from the icy coldness of the water in that moment - Do you have a love/hate relationship with anything while traveling? . . . . . . #crfanphotos #visitcostarica #thisiscostarica #timeoutsociety #dametraveler #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #wearetravelladies #girlaroundworld #girlsborntotravel #ladiesgoneglobal #travelbff #travelzoo #sheexplores #sheisnotlost #womenwhoexplore #girlslovetravel #gltlove #freewanderess #postcardsfromtheworld #makemoments #cntraveler #digitalnomadgirls #thetravelwomen #globelletravels #theeverygirl #costaricaexperts #gotravelgirls #waterfallsfordays #wildernessbabes

NYC views never get old

NYC views never get old


so this

SWIPE FOR A POEM so this is a short one. idk i came up with this line and have been trying for days to build up a poem around it but couldn't, and i think it's just as great on its own! hope you like it!

Did you know that safety

Did you know that safety divers are also holding their breath while looking out for us!.. I could not express enough gratitude for for our 16 safety divers who are here for the World Freediving Championships and Caribbean Cup. These guys ensure that every diver has the safest experience possible; their attentiveness, protocols and dedication are hard core - text book. Two days ago I watched the team run over drills for a solid hour which is what they do almost daily - these guys are relentless; practising rescuing divers from 25m alone is insanely difficult and requires so much strength!!! When I come up from a deep dive during training or competition, I'm always so stoked to see them there with me (it's super reassuring). During competitions, each diver has four safety divers watching them! So when you surface, you feel like a bit of a champion with your safety's all around you, watching you and cheering you on when you take that first breath :) .. FYI - My form isn't the best here at all; my head should be in front of my biceps.. and my butt looks like a balloon because I'm tilting my hips backward Mono Fin ->@molchanovsfreediving Thanks again for the great photo @1breathphotos @gopro @goproanz . . #gopro #goproanz #inspire #legends #love #freedom #freediving #freediver #happy #bluewater #underwater #breathenhancementtraining #focus #strength #instagram #underwaterphotography #openmyworld #motivation #ocean #dreamteam #love #sport #sports #fitspo #dive

Cooling off under one of

Cooling off under one of the tallest waterfalls in New York after a full day in the mountains. @catskilltourism @tentrr @iloveny #greatnortherncatskills #ispyny

Metal Grnml zel Plaka Ana

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The musical opened on Broadway on 12 October 1971, directed by Tom O'Horgan, at the Mark Hellinger Theatre. It starred Jeff Fenholt as Jesus, Ben Vereen as Judas and Bob Bingham as Caiaphas. Dennen and Elliman played the roles that they had sung on the album. Kurt Yaghjian was Annas, and Ted Neeley (as a Christ understudy), Samuel E. Wright and Anita Morris appeared in the cast. Carl Anderson replaced Vereen when he fell ill, and the two performers later took turns playing the role. The show closed on 30 June 1973 after 711 performances. The production received mixed reviews; the reviewer from The New York Times deemed it to be a heartless over-hyped production. Lloyd Webber said in 2012: "I hugely objected to the original New York production, which was probably the worst night of my life. It was a vulgar travesty." The show was nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Score, but didn't win any. Lloyd Webber won a Drama Desk Award as "Most Promising Composer", and Vereen won a Theatre World Award.

Afroasiatic languages are spoken throughout North Africa, the Horn of Africa, West Asia and parts of the Sahel. There are approximately 375 Afroasiatic languages spoken by over 350 million people. The main subfamilies of Afroasiatic are the Berber languages, Semitic languages, Chadic languages and the Cushitic languages. The Afroasiatic Urheimat is uncertain. However, its most extensive sub-branch, the Semitic languages (including Arabic, Amharic and Hebrew among others), seems to have developed in the Arabian peninsula. The Semitic languages are the only branch of the Afroasiatic family of languages that is spoken outside of Africa. Some of the most widely spoken Afroasiatic languages include Arabic (a Semitic language, and a recent arrival from West Asia), Somali (Cushitic), Berber (Berber), Hausa (Chadic), Amharic (Semitic) and Oromo (Cushitic). Of the world's surviving language families, Afroasiatic has the longest written history, as both the Akkadian language of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egyptian are members.

The three small Khoisan families of southern Africa have not been shown to be closely related to any other major language family. In addition, there are various other families that have not been demonstrated to belong to one of these families. (The questionable branches of Nilo-Saharan were covered above, and are not repeated here.) Mande, some 70 languages, including the major languages of Mali and Guinea. These are generally thought to be divergent NigerCongo, but debate persists. Ubangian, some 70 languages, centered on the languages of the Central African Republic; may be NigerCongo Khoe, around 10 languages, the primary family of Khoisan languages of Namibia and Botswana Sandawe, an isolate of Tanzania, possibly related to Khoe Kx'a, a language of Southern Africa Tuu, or Taa-Kwi, two surviving languages Hadza, an isolate of Tanzania Bangime, a likely isolate of Mali Jalaa, a likely isolate of Nigeria Laal, a possible isolate of Chad Khoisan is a term of convenience covering some 30 languages spoken by around 300,000400,000 people. There are five Khoisan families that have not been shown to be related to each other: Khoe, Tuu and Kx'a, which are found mainly in Namibia and Botswana, as well as Sandawe and Hadza of Tanzania, which are language isolates. A striking feature of Khoisan languages, and the reason they are often grouped together, is their use of click consonants. Some neighbouring Bantu languages (notably Xhosa and Zulu) have clicks as well, but these were adopted from Khoisan languages. The Khoisan languages are also tonal.