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Man, when was the last ti

Man, when was the last time I bragged about how awesome @jdlowkey is? *spoilers - They're the best. <3 I don't even have this combo of purple and blue in my hair anymore. I'm so behind on photos of my faaaaace. Or uh, hair. The best part of my face? XD So fun to put color back in my hair after chopping it off. o( )o It faded so well too. : o Jade is a hair color wizard. () #purplehair #bluehair #pravana #pravanavivids #unicornhair #addictedtocolor #vividhaircolor

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Born as Billy Mae Dinsmore in Toronto, she was best known for voicing Rankin/Bass' version of the character Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from 1964 to 1979. She also voiced Tenderheart Bear in the first two Care Bears movies, as well as the DIC-produced television series (credited as "Billie Mae Richard"), and Brightheart Raccoon in the Nelvana-produced Care Bears television series. Richards' four other appearances in Rankin-Bass productions animated were in Willy McBean and his Magic Machine, The King Kong Show, The Smokey Bear Show and The Daydreamer (both from the mid-1960s) and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and its sequels all written in the United States and animated in Japan. About that same time, she appeared in the original Spider-Man television series. She also voiced all the female characters in The Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo and The Toothbrush Family with Len Carlson, who voiced all the male ones. She made guest appearances on the television shows Maniac Mansion, My Secret Identity, War of the Worlds and The Hidden Room. She also had a bit part in the 1998 horror film Bram Stoker's Shadow Builder, in which her character was attacked with an axe by Paul Soles (who had played Hermey the elf in the original Rudolph special), and the 2001 short Bluehair.

Willy McBean and his Magic Machine - Willie McBean (1965) The Daydreamer (1966) Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July - Rudolph (1979) The Video Adventures of Clifford the Big Red Dog - Direct-to-Video Series (1988)

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer - TV Special - Rudolph (1964) The King Kong Show - Billy Bond (1966) Spider-Man - Billy Conner / Boy / additional Voices (1967-1970) The Smokey Bear Show (1969) Festival of Family Classics (1973) The Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo - Chris / Robbie (1974) Rudolph's Shiny New Year - TV Special - Rudolph (1976)

The software features a pseudo-3D world in plain raster graphics at 320x200 with 256 colors. The player takes the role of Grayson Burrows, a "privateer" who travels through the Gemini Sector, one of many sectors in the Wing Commander universe. Unlike Wing Commander, the player is no longer a navy pilot, but a freelancer who can choose to be a pirate, a merchant, a mercenary or any of the above in some combination. The player may follow the built-in plot but is free to adventure on his own, even after the plot has been completed. Burrows' name was unknown to the general public for many years. During that period he was known as "Brownhair", by reference to "Bluehair", the Wing Commander I and II protagonist later known as Christopher Blair. In the CD-ROM edition which uses full speech, the characters always refer to him as "Captain" or "Privateer"; many people assume "Privateer" is his callsign.