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Estarei Tatuando agora no

Estarei Tatuando agora no LOUVRE TATTOO Vem a, dia 25 de agosto de 2017!!! QUEM SOMOS? Somos um novo conceito em Studio de Tatuagem e galeria de arte em Teresina/PI. Temos como conceito, a imerso total do pblico no mundo da arte, de forma diferenciada e interativa. - Exposies mensais de artistas locais/Visibilidade artstica. - Acervo de livros, revistas, vdeos e documentrios de arte em geral. - Ambiente estruturado. - Boa localizao. - Segurana e conforto. - Bons profissionais. - Equipamentos de ponta. - E uma cervejinha gelada, em quanto voc aguarda a sua tattoo ou aprecia nosso ambiente. Endereo: Av. Dom Severino. Rua Dlias n 1138. ( Prximo ao restaurante Man e a Loja Manica) #piaui #blackandgrey #pretoecinza #tattoo #inktattoo #inked #tatuagem #brasil #electricink #electricinkbr #electricinkus #electricinkeurope #electricinkaus #electricinknz #usoelectricink#electricinkpigments #familiagatopreto #pfmachines #tattoo2me #teresina #piaui #realismo #realismotatto #skull #skulltattoo #tattooskull #qualidade

Black And White Sidebeard

Black And White Sidebeard Got tagged by my awesome brother @scizzo77. If you get tagged, you know the drill . --------------------------------------------- Beardcare @captainfawcett #captainfawcett #boozeandbaccy --------------------------------------------- VILLI BDD VILLIS BVSC HOPF --------------------------------------------- The Fundamentals as stated by @von_knox President & Founder of @beardedvillains --------------------------------------------- The Beard Brotherhood Family Respect Loyalty Charity --------------------------------------------- Mission Statement: "To Unite Bearded Men of all cultures, races, creed and sexuality in a Brotherhood devoted to Loyalty, Honor and Respect toward all people, Dedicated to the betterment of mankind through fraternity Charity and Kindness" --------------------------------------------- von_knox - President thebeardedoak - Captain dodgravarn - Scout cc_thebeard - Scout lennieedman - Scout boodya_74 - Scout --------------------------------------------- #beardedvillains #beardedvillainssweden #stayloyal #staybearded #stayvillain #worldwidebrotherhood #bvsc #bvscsupport #villain #villainsalute #bvschopeful #helskgg #solidbeard #fullbeard #beardlove #beardoil #beard #bearded #noshavelife #skgg #beardedlifestyle #beardshopse #dftbclothes #beardofworld #beardclubs #blackandgrey --------------------------------------------- @beardedvillains_sweden

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Gecko skin does not generally bear scales but appears at a macro scale as a papillose surface which is made from hair-like protuberances developed across the entire body. These confer superhydrophobicity and the unique design of the hair confers a profound antimicrobial action. These protuberances are very small, up to 4 microns in length, and tapering to a point.

The early grindcore scene relied on an international network of tape trading and DIY production. The most widely acknowledged precursors of the grindcore sound are Siege, a hardcore punk group, and Repulsion, an early death metal outfit. Siege, from Weymouth, Massachusetts, were influenced by classic American hardcore (Minor Threat, Black Flag, Void) and by British groups like Discharge, Venom, and Motrhead. Siege's goal was maximum velocity: "We would listen to the fastest punk and hardcore bands we could find and say, 'Okay, we're gonna deliberately write something that is faster than them'", drummer Robert Williams recalled. Repulsion is often credited with inventing the classic grind blast beat (played at 190 bpm), as well as its distinctive bass tone. Shane Embury, in particular, advocates the band as the origin of Napalm Death's later innovations. Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth declares that "Horrified was and still is the defining core of what grind became; a perfect mix of hardcore punk with metallic gore, speed and distortion." Other groups in the British grindcore scene, such as Heresy and Unseen Terror, have emphasized the influence of American hardcore punk, including Septic Death, as well as Swedish D-beat. Sore Throat cites Discharge, Disorder, and a variety of European D-beat and thrash metal groups, including Hellhammer, and American hardcore groups, such as Poison Idea and D.R.I.. Japanese hardcore, particularly GISM, is also mentioned by a number of originators of the style. Other key groups cited by current and former members of Napalm Death as formative influences include Discharge, Amebix, Throbbing Gristle, and the aforementioned Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. Post-punk, such as Killing Joke and Joy Division, was also cited as an influence on early Napalm Death.

Suppose an average between power means with exponents p and q holds: i = 1 n w i x i p p i = 1 n w i x i q q {\displaystyle {\sqrt[{p}]{\sum _{i=1}^{n}w_{i}x_{i}^{p}}}\geq {\sqrt[{q}]{\sum _{i=1}^{n}w_{i}x_{i}^{q}}}} applying this, then: i = 1 n w i x i p p i = 1 n w i x i q q {\displaystyle {\sqrt[{p}]{\sum _{i=1}^{n}{\frac {w_{i}}{x_{i}^{p}}}}}\geq {\sqrt[{q}]{\sum _{i=1}^{n}{\frac {w_{i}}{x_{i}^{q}}}}}} We raise both sides to the power of 1 (strictly decreasing function in positive reals): i = 1 n w i x i p p = 1 i = 1 n w i 1 x i p p 1 i = 1 n w i 1 x i q q = i = 1 n w i x i q q {\displaystyle {\sqrt[{-p}]{\sum _{i=1}^{n}w_{i}x_{i}^{-p}}}={\sqrt[{p}]{\frac {1}{\sum _{i=1}^{n}w_{i}{\frac {1}{x_{i}^{p}}}}}}\leq {\sqrt[{q}]{\frac {1}{\sum _{i=1}^{n}w_{i}{\frac {1}{x_{i}^{q}}}}}}={\sqrt[{-q}]{\sum _{i=1}^{n}w_{i}x_{i}^{-q}}}} We get the inequality for means with exponents p and q, and we can use the same reasoning backwards, thus proving the inequalities to be equivalent, which will be used in some of the later proofs.