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The story of Jesus could

The story of Jesus could be a beautiful example of how to be a compassionate loving human and conduit of spirit. It shows how being a revolutionary, someone who stands against injustice and against those who want to control and enslave us, you will be persecuted and executed by the brainwashed masses. Instead this story has been used in organized religion to enslave you. Promises if you obey in this life youll be rewarded in the afterworld. To instill fear in you, make you docile, make you feel inadequate, guilty and small( first forms of government) No one is going save you from yourself. Dont be lazy!!! You have to cultivate the discipline to save yourself from your suffering, to stand up for whats right, to take control of your own life. Yes they have made it hard, yes freedom no longer exists except in our own minds, but we have to start the revolution of consciousness. #Realtalk #youthoughtyouwerefree #evolveyourmind #organizedreligion #instaquote #revolution #contemplation #currency #money #cashruleseverythingaroundme #society #connect #empath #empathy #compassion #beyourself #authentic #authenticity #instalove #instagood #quoteoftheday #media #government #newworldorder #worlddomination #worlddomestication #bigbrother #newslaves #slaves #robertantonwilson


Siehst nur eine

Trimmen Siehst nur eine Wolke am Himmel, die dir beharrlich folgt, auch wenn du nen Zahn zulegst. Gibste ihr Zunder, ist sie auch futsch. Haste dich gedehnt, aufgewrmt? Alter, bin hei. Glhe. Und mache das so, siehste? Wie hast du das denn aufgetan? Na so. War besser als Erklren, nicht? Du hast schon die Schraube rausgedreht, nich? Habe sie verschluckt, gehrt doch zu mir. Schwimme durch einen See glhenden Metalls mit nem Lied auf den Lippen, die zu Gelchter entgleiten, wie ich davon. Trimme und entgleise. #schreiben #prosa #lyrik #liebedasleben #beyourself #hirnan #herzauf #hardwork #faith #trust #love #carpediem #alloutofbubblegum #liebe #iswasdoc #dadadaismus

Guten Morgen ihr Hbschen!

Guten Morgen ihr Hbschen! Ich glaube ich habe die #schlafkrankheit ... momentan knnte ich einfach immer schlafen.. Ich meine, jeder von uns liebt es zu schlafen und freut sich ber jede Stunde mehr die er schlafen kann, aber bei mir ist das momentan nicht mehr normal.. Ob das vielleicht am Arbeiten & dem Druck vom Studium liegt?! Keine Ahnung, aber Oma sagt immer; der Krper holt sich das was er braucht! und genau so wird es auch sein. Ich bleibe jetzt tatschlich noch ne halbe Stunde liegen, bevor ich zumindest noch ein kleines #homeworkout starte & dann die Arbeit ruft. Aber auch heute falle ich mal wieder aus der #norm, wie das zeige ich euch spter. Habt einen tollen Tag! #schlafen #schlafen #schlafen #bett #immermde #stress #druck #mde #schlafenszeit #sleepwell #sleppy #schlafenistdiebestemedizin #tiered #genuggeschlafen #workgirl #hotellife #workworkwork #workinggirl #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgirl #workout #homeworkout #fitgirl #fitgoals #relaxen #erholung #beyourself

The most important kind o

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first. Jim Morrison . . . . #beyourself #beautyisinside

The artwork from a little

The artwork from a little imagination and a iPhone app!Don't be shy.. DM me for the Love of it!!! You know who you are... Please visit me in all #socialmedia !! #CarlMaxRetirement2018 on #facebook Now taking final bookings for Summer and Fall 2017 DM for more information... or email: 45 minute National tours available #rave #30daysofpride #beyourself #plur #plurvibes #dance #trance #behappy #onelove #ravequeen #helpmehelpyou #gayedm #pride #strength #raving #ravelife #gay #gayravers #love #picoftheday #bi #dragqueen #impersonator #straight #4hire #singleandlooking #carlmaxaswhitneyhouston

In the entire existence o

In the entire existence of all the humans that ever were and ever will be, none will come close to possessing the same combination of amazingness that you have right now. You are the gift. You are the light. It's your YOU that lights up the world. Be like no other but YOU. BE YOU . . . . . . . . . . #beyou #beyourself #loveyourself #yogavibes #yogalove #forearmbalance #pinchamayurasana #asana #wellington #auckland #yoganz #nzfitness #kiwiexperience #artistofinstagram #igyoga #yogafam #yogagram #yogaeverydamnday

Everything is about perce

Everything is about perception Like abstract art. Looking from every angle uncovers a different picture like someone else's point of view.What may be accepted by tomorrow, may not be accepted by yesterday.Instead of just looking at your picture make a difference and look at every angle of the picture because you might see totally different a picture from the last one. #ownwhoyouare #bewhoyouare #beyourself #beyourownboss #perception #abstractart #abstractpicture #yesterdaytomorrow #differentpicture #otherview

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Throughout his career as a Hardstyle artist, Wildstylez has made numerous collaborations with other Hardstyle artists, the most notable of these being the influential Project One, which he formed with Headhunterz in 2008. He has also done collaborations with other artists such as Noisecontrollers, The Prophet, Ran-D, Alpha, Max Enforcer and D-Block & S-te-Fan.

Joram Metekohy first started producing Hardstyle with Ruben Hooyer in 2004 under the alias 'Seizure'. Together they had multiple releases on label's such as Sys-X Records, Blutonium Records, StraightOn Recordings and Scantraxx. In 2006 he was introduced to Scantraxx and began working on material with Alpha that would eventually get a release on the Scantraxx sub label 'Paint it Black' under the name 'Outsiders'. In late 2007, having previously released on Scantraxx as 'Seizure', Joram Metekohy had his first solo release as Wildstylez, 'Life'z A Bitch / Missin' on the Scantraxx sub-label run by Headhunterz, Scantraxx Reloaded. 2008 would prove to be the breakout year for Wildstylez. He had numerous releases on various Scantraxx sub-labels including Silver, Special and Reloaded and also featured on the main label. It also saw his first collaboration with one of the most popular up and coming Hardstyle artists, Scantraxx Reloaded founder Headhunterz. Their first release 'Blame It On the Music / Project 1' in early 2008 proved a success and provided the impetus for the launch of a new project and debut album for the pair, Project One. Finishing in under three months producing an average of one track a week, Headhunterz and Wildstylez completed their 13 track debut album, 'Headhunterz & Wildstylez Present: Project One'. The Album was debuted in early 2008 at the Q-Dance events In Qontrol and Defqon.1, and was released shortly after in both CD and Digital formats on July 25, 2008. Project One was extremely well received in the Hardstyle community with tracks such as 'Life Beyond Earth', 'The Art of Creation', 'The Story Unfolds', 'Best of Both Worlds' EP and 'Fantasy or Reality' all proving to be successes on the dance floor. The Album was a defining influence on the direction Hardstyle would take in the years to come with its emphasis on synth based melodies and heavy use of pitched kicks. A Project One Tour followed along with 6 full-length album samplers and 1 remix sampler, all released on Scantraxx Reloaded.

2009 saw Wildstylez move away from Project One and further enhance and refine the Wildstylez sound with many well received solo releases such as 'Muzic or Noize', 'Phantom Beat' and 'Single Sound'. 2009 also saw the release of one of the most popular hardstyle songs to date, Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers - 'Tonight'. In 2013, Tonight was voted 2nd in the Q-dance Harder Styles top 1000. 2010 saw further strong solo releases on a variety of Scantraxx sub labels, including 'A Complex Sitatuation' on Scantraxx Reloaded, the experimental 'Feedback' on Scantraxx Silver, a collaboration with DJ Isaac called 'Lost in Music' released on Scantraxx Special and his first appearance on the newly formed A records with old collaborators the Alpha for their track 'Atrocious'. Wildstylez also produced his first Anthem, 'No Time to Waste' for hardstyle Festival Defqon.1. 'No Time to Waste' was accompanied by a Hardcore and Dubstyle Remix on release. In 2010, Wildstylez left the Scantraxx main label and, together with Noisecontrollers, established a new Hardstyle label called 'Digital:Age'. Having worked together previously on collaborations and remixes of each other's tracks, both Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers felt they needed to leave their parent labels to take their careers to the next level. Take a good look around you, sit still and make sure you read this message carefully because two famous hard dance acts are about to combine their creativity and redefine the standards in hard dance music! Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers are very proud to announce that its time to take their careers to a higher level. A collaboration which you only could dream of is ready for lift-off. Both, Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers will leave their labels for the next step in their careers. They can look back at an amazing time and are thankful that both Scantraxx and Fusion helped them to get where they are. Now its time to move on. They are ready to redefine the standards in hard dance music and will make sure that all you hard dance addicts will embrace the Digital Age sound. This label will be a showcase of a constant trip through different kinds of hard dance music. You might even be surprised by sounds which cannot be found in your Hard Dance dictionary. 2011 saw the first two Digital:Age releases from both Wildstylez and Noisecontrollers, titled 'A Different Story' and 'Stardust'. Following this, Wildstylez released four solo tracks on Digital:Age, 'Huh?', 'Back to Basics', 'Lonely' and 'Into the Light'. In 2012 Wildstylez produced both the Dutch and Australian Defqon.1 anthems. The Dutch Anthem, 'World of Madness', saw him collaborate again with Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers.