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Schatziiiiii , ein Monat

Schatziiiiii , ein Monat ist es jetzt her, dass wir in unser gemeinsames neues Zuhause gezogen sind . An manchen Tagen kann ich es immer noch nicht richtig glauben und fhle mich wie im Urlaub . Tag fr Tag bringst du mich zum lachen (manchmal bis die Trnen kullern oder sich meine Bauchmuskeln melden ) und munterst mich mit "dabbischen" Sprchen auf, wenn mir mal was gegen den Strich geht. Und auch wenn mich deine krass gechillte Art manchmal ganz schn Nerven kostet (mega Chiller @ahille_physique trifft aufgedrehten Hippel #itsme ), machst du mich Tag fr Tag berglcklich #happy! Danke, dass es dich gibt, du immer fr mich da bist, mein Ruhepol bist, mich so liebst und akzeptierst wie ich bin und wir mit unsrer gemeinsamen Leidenschaft #fitness #bodybuilding #lovefood einfach eine mega geile Beziehung haben #bestfriends #iloveyouforever ! Meine #dwclassicpetite Uhr (ber die ich mich riesig freue #sponsored, da meine Uhr beim Umzug kaputt gegangen ist) sowie der Armreif sind von @danielwellington #ad - mit FITNESSANNI bekommt ihr 15% Rabatt ( #danielwellington #fitnessaccount #fitnesslifestyle #lovefitness #lovetraining #smile #feelgood #photooftheday #trainformybody #selfie #inlove #enjoymylife #fitnesscouplegoals #fitnesscouple #bestfriendtime #lifeisbeautiful #love #enjoymoment #keepsmiling #livemylife #enjoymylife

Chilling and enjoying thi

Chilling and enjoying this beautiful weather on my deck with Milo the #pit. . #Dogs are truly men's #bestfriends. They are forever loyal and always #happy to see you. . #Pitbulls often get a bad reputation, when in reality violent, cruel owners are the ones to blame. They are great dogs - very affectionate and with an amazing drive. . #adoptdontshop #dontbullymybreed #adopt #apt #dogsarefamily #pitbull #pets #dog #bluenose #BJJ #MMA #bjjlifestyle #instagood #instapet #instapit #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulls #spring #fitfam #fitness #instafit #instafitness

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The story begins with Dey (Alessandra de Rossi) and Lala (Yam Concepcion), who promised each other that they will face all the obstacles in life and be bestfriends forever. They started being friends since they were young. They had a shoe business, got married, and later on became mothers. They both named their children "Princess". A big challenge will ruin their friendship when Ian (Patrick Garcia), Lala's husband, stole Lala and Dey's shares on the company to pay his loans. This becomes more challenging when Dey was hospitalized because of cardiac arrest, so Joey (Jason Abalos), Dey's husband, needs money for Dey's operation and has no choice but to ask Dey's shares from Lala. However, Lala can't provide anything since the money was stolen by Ian, which led to Dey's death. This soon led to Joey's hatred towards Lala. Ian left the country to stay away from Lala after stealing the money. Meanwhile, Joey, together with Lolo Pogi (Boboy Garovillo), Jun-Jun (Jairus Aquino), and baby Esang (Yesha Camile), moved on and started a new life without Dey. Years after, Esang (Yesha Camile) and Princess (Xia Vigor) grew up; Esang, Dey and Joey's child, grew up with a loving and caring family even if they are not rich; Princess, Lala and Ian's child, grew up in a wealthy family that has no time for each other. Esang and Princess became schoolmates. They started as enemies but ended up as bestfriends when Esang took care of Princess' dog, Pencil, but Esang named it "Yoyo".

Lilet as Teresa Principe Jean Saburit as Valerie Kitkat as Gigi Ron Morales as Bong Nia Dolino as Wilma Vivo Ouano as Mark Frenchie Dy as Shirley Gerard Acao as Benjie Ryan Rems as Jawo Angelo Ilagan as Jordan Paulo Angeles as Ivan Barbie Imperial as Jenny Dominic Roque as Luis Nhikzy Calma as Paeng Jef Gaitan as Monique Igi Boy Flores as Obet John Bermudo as Toyo Rhett Romero as Ricky Jong Cuenco as Perez Freddie Webb as Mario Irra Cenina as Teacher Brian Arvin Arellano

Trisha Redd Yosa as young Daisylyn "Dey" Marasigan Faye Alhambra as young Priscilla "Lala" Gutierrez Symon de Lena as young Lyndon "Jun-Jun/Batas" Marasigan, Jr. CX Navarro as Preteen Lyndon Juan Batas Elia Ilano as young Corazon "Heart" Cayabyab Cheska Iigo as Margaret Gutierrez Bugoy Cario as young Keith Jay Manalo as Keith's Father