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BE HAPPY That there's things in life that don't give us joy or aren't fun, is clear. But, what does make your soul happy? Figure it out and DO IT! Is it reading a book? Playing a musical instrument? Working out? Whatever it is, make time for it and do it. Life is far too short to not take the time for things you enjoy. What makes your soul happy? . . . . . @unumdesign #unum #blog #blogger #blogging #bloggerlife #lifestyleblogger #lifewithlenamarie #student #college #healthjourney #health #fitness #collegefitness #motivation #motivationalquote #quote #dowhatmakesyoursoulhappy #happy #joy #hobbies #passion #smile #maketime #behappy #enjoylife #lifeisshort #lovelife #livelaughlove #lifestyle #loveyourselflifestyle

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Career 2016-2017 VK Kladno Czech extraliga - Cupwinner 2015-2016 VC Lindemans Asse-Lennik - Final 16 Champions League + Supercup winner 2014-2015 Volley behappy2 Asse-Lennik - Semi-final CEV-cup + Cupwinner 2013-2014 VC Euphony Asse Lennik Belgium A1 2008-2009 Piet-Zoomers/Dynamo Apeldoorn Supercup Winner Dutch Cup Winner Champions League Group Phase 2009-2010 SV Dynamo Apeldoorn Dutch Cup Winner Dutch Champion CEV-Cup 2nd Round 2010-2011 Draisma Dynamo Apeldoorn Supercup Winner Dutch Cup Winner Challenge Cup 1st Round 2011-2012 Netwerk/STV Tilburg Semi-Final Play-offs Dutch League 3rd place Dutch League Individual Prices: 2007 European Championship <19 years Best Libero National Team First selected 2007 12 games (caps.)

Major field(s) : Human rights, Non violence Education SAVE is possibly the first-registered Anti Ragging NGO in India. It is mainly composed of professionals and students from various fields who volunteer for the cause over and above their regular jobs/studies.

Ragging has been taking a huge toll of innocent lives and careers for long. But there had been no single civil movement against the evil of ragging. There were websites and online groups, from where some conscientious youths gave birth to a non profit organisation, which later came to fame in the name of the "No Ragging Foundation". Later, the No Ragging Foundation was registered as the Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE). Amit Sahai Gangwar, a first year student of NIT-Jalandhar lost his life in October 2005. The news was covered by various media - news channels and dailies. This event had a great impact in the formation of this organization.

The Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) is an impartial, neutral and independent, non-profit organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of students in educational institutions and to provide the victims of 'ragging' with assistance and also to facilitate the eradication of ragging from educational institutions through awareness, advocacy, research and such other avenues. It works towards the creation of an environment where students can learn with fun and not with fear. It directs its efforts towards elimination of violence and abuses on innocent freshers while promoting peace and harmony among the senior and the juniors students in academic institutions.

Create a strong public mandate against ragging. Device alternative but healthy and humane modes of interaction between seniors & juniors. Unite the isolated protests against ragging under the umbrella of a strong, united movement. Involve the authorities, faculties, students and others in the anti ragging drives.