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#Odunpazar El sanatlar arsi bu video ile biter mi? Tabiki de bitmez!! O kadar ok ayrnt var ki her kesinde Gidip grmeniz ve bu tarihi dokuyu hissetmeniz bakmindan bir girizgaz sunduk size El sanatlar ars'n gezdikten sonra biraz dinlenmek iin bir #bahe kefettik. Neresi ve kime ait olduunu bilmeden oturduumuz bahede #gleryz ve #tatl cmleleriyle Glen Abla karlad bizi. Saolsun, sohbeti yle tatlyd ki... Konumaya baladnda bir tarih hazinesiyle kar karya olduumuzu anladk. Glen Abla, Osmanl dneminde Kurunlu Camii imam ve #Mevlevi Dergh ba Hafz Ahmet #Efendi'nin kzym. Bize ondan bahsetti biraz. Yapt #lleta eserlerinden, nasl #gzel bir #insan olduundan... Hatta Hafz #Ahmet Efendi, Allah'n isimlerini fleyerek yapt lle tandan asalardan bir tanesini 1927 ylnda #Atatrke, dierini dnemin ran ah Rza Pehlevi'ye hediye etmi. nc asay ise ailesine miras brakm. Glen Abla bu asay bize gsterdi!! Eer ki Odunpazar'na giderseniz, #HafzEfendiKona'n muhakkak ziyaret edin... Glen abla nameli sohbetiyle kalbinize serin serin dokunacak. Grntleri Glen Abla'ya ayp olmasn diye ekemedik. #We found a garden to relax. Where we sit in the garden and not knowing who it belongs to and smiling #sister Glen met us with fresh sentences. Thank you, that when the conversation was so #sweet ... started talking we realized that we are faced with a #historical treasure. Glen sister, Leaded #Mosque imam of the Ottoman era and the beginning of #Mevlev the Dargah Hafiz # He was her Lord. He told us about some of that. From his # meerschaum works, how is # a good man ... Even Hafiz Efendi, one of the wand stone curls made by blowing the names of #God in 1927, Ataturk, the other for the period was a gift Iranian Shah Reza Pahlavi to. The #third stage bequeathed to his family. Glen sister showed us the scepter !! If you go to the Odunpazari, #certainly visit the cool #cool sister hafzefendikona of Glen sister's #talking ... images to your heart with nada should chat #whether she Glen sister shame we can not take. #travel #gezi @odunpazari eskisehir #keif

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Every finite group whose order is divisible by p contains a subgroup which is a non-trivial p-group, namely a cyclic group of order p generated by an element of order p obtained from Cauchy's theorem. In fact, it contains a p-group of maximal possible order: if | G | = n = p k m {\displaystyle |G|=n=p^{k}m} where p does not divide m, then G has a subgroup P of order p k , {\displaystyle p^{k},} called a Sylow p-subgroup. This subgroup need not be unique, but any subgroups of this order are conjugate, and any p-subgroup of G is contained in a Sylow p-subgroup. This and other properties are proved in the Sylow theorems.

According to the spin-statistics theorem, particles with integer spin occupy symmetric quantum states, and particles with half-integer spin occupy antisymmetric states; furthermore, only integer or half-integer values of spin are allowed by the principles of quantum mechanics. In relativistic quantum field theory, the Pauli principle follows from applying a rotation operator in imaginary time to particles of half-integer spin. In one dimension, bosons, as well as fermions, can obey the exclusion principle. A one-dimensional Bose gas with delta-function repulsive interactions of infinite strength is equivalent to a gas of free fermions. The reason for this is that, in one dimension, exchange of particles requires that they pass through each other; for infinitely strong repulsion this cannot happen. This model is described by a quantum nonlinear Schrdinger equation. In momentum space the exclusion principle is valid also for finite repulsion in a Bose gas with delta-function interactions, as well as for interacting spins and Hubbard model in one dimension, and for other models solvable by Bethe ansatz. The ground state in models solvable by Bethe ansatz is a Fermi sphere.

Jerry Holkins' comic alter ego (named after the astronomer Tycho Brahe) is bitter and sarcastic. His eyes are burnt sienna, and he's almost invariably clad in a blue-striped sweater. Tycho enjoys books, role-playing video games, using large and uncommon words in conversation, and deflating Gabe's ego. He is a rabid fan of Harry Potter and Doctor Who. He also plays Dungeons & Dragons often (the website's previous banner illustrated him holding a 20-sided die), and adopts a wildly theatrical style when acting as a dungeon master. He occasionally makes reference to his scarring childhood, during which his mother physically abused him and blamed him for the family's abandonment by his father due to his body, "swelling with evil" (in fact, his puberty). It has been mentioned that one of his aunts, believing him to be gay, regularly sends him homo-erotic material. Tycho also has a drinking problem. In one strip, after a dream, Tycho is shown to be host to an evil spirit, the presence of which is indicated by his eyes glowing with pink light; this theme is repeated over the course of the strip. Some strips appear to indicate that he has an unhealthy sexual obsession with long-necked animals such as giraffes and ostriches. In Poker Night at the Inventory, Tycho is voiced by Kid Beyond.