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Oldie-but-goodie! An Amer

Oldie-but-goodie! An Ameriflight Beech 99 moments from touchdown at PHX! ------------------------- My Photo Canon T6 06/07/17 ------------------------- In partnership with: @aviation_ftlauderdale @klaxspotting @redriveraviation @westcoastaviation ------------------------- #aviation #commercialaviation #aircraft #airplanes #aviationenthusiast #avgeek #avgeeks #planes #planespotting #planespotters #planespotter #photography #pilot #airlines #airlinepilot #ameriflight #beechcraft #beech99 #phx #phoenix #kphx #skyharbor #phoenixskyharbor

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A Last Chance match, also called a Do or Die match, is a championship match where, if the challenger does not win the title, they are banned from challenging for it again as long as the winner of the same match holds it. Rarely, the loser may even be barred from challenging for that title for as long as he remains employed at the company (an example of this is Slammiversary XI's main event where Sting would be defeated by defending champion Bully Ray in a No Holds Barred variant of this match and be barred from challenging for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship ever again no matter who holds it).

Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal, also known in WWE as Raw Roulette, is not a match type itself, but a way to assign a type to a match that does not yet have one. Before the match either a "wheel of fortune" or roulette wheel featuring a number of match types is spun, with the match landed on being used for the night. WWE usually made use of this when Raw is in the Las Vegas area.

A Boiler Room Brawl starts in a boiler room, with the winner being the first wrestler to successfully get out. World Championship Wrestling used a match with similar rules, naming their match and its location The Block.

A Trick or Street Fight is a Halloween-themed match, named after the Halloween tradition "Trick or Treating", involving Halloween-themed weapons including pumpkins, buckets of candy, bowls full of water and apples, skeletons, witches' brooms, gravestones, candy kendo sticks, plus common wrestling weapons such as tables and chairs.

A ladder match is a match where a specific object (usually a title or a contract for a title) is placed above the ringout of the reach of the competitorswith the winner being the first person to climb a ladder and retrieve it. This is often used in WWE with their Money in the Bank matches. The ladder may be used as a weapon.