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Hun Tactical...
Bir dedem

Hun Tactical... Bir dedem Canakkale gazisi subay, diger dedem Kore gazisi astsubay, babam Kibris gazisi deniz subayi, dayim deniz subayi, bir enistem hava subayi, diger enistem deniz subayi... dogal olarak bu sulaleden olunca adim da Kibris savasini mutakip, var olmus en onemli Turk imparatorluklarindan biri olan HUN imparatorluguna ithafen zHun konuyor... bundan sonra savunma sanatlari icerikli sosyal medya hesaplarimin adi da HUN olsun o zaman Tarihe ismini yazdirmis tum Turk devletlerine, imparatorluklarina, Atalarimiza selam olsun #Huntactical #Hunempire #Turk #Turkiye #defense #artofdefense #bayrak #vatan #savunma #silah #tufek #tabanca #taktik #atis #asker #polis #trainhard #warriors #gunfighter #fighters


ASELSAN SARP Uzaktan Komutal Silah Sistemi; Taktik kara aralarnda ve sabit tesislerde hava ve kara tehditlerine ve asimetrik tehditlere kar kullanlmaktadr. ________________________ Harekat ihtiyacna uygun olarak sisteme, farkl silahlar taklabilmektedir. Gece ve gndz gzetleme, hedef tespit ve takip imkn salayan SARP Sistemi, gelimi uzaktan komuta yetenekleri ile kullanc personelin gvenliini en st seviyeye tamaktadr. ________________________ #madeinturkey #millisavunma #turksavunma #turkishdefense #idef2017 #turkish #idef #tuyap #idef17 #trk #milli #tbt #polis #yerli #tsk #jh #trkiye #ph #yerliretim #military #army #asker #silah #gun #aselsan #turkey #war #mighty_turkey #jandarma #police

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The coat-of-arms is from modern times. They were granted on 7 October 1975. The arms show a green background with three silver-colored tree trunks (Norwegian: askekaller) and are thus canting arms. The trees are ashes, which were cropped every year to provide food for the animals. The trees thus developed after many years a very typical shape, which was characteristic for the area.

In 1998, just before the millennium, the 'Askerbringer' (the inhabitants of Asker) elected the beautiful area of Semsvannet including the mountain ridge Skaugumssen to be their Place of the Millennium.

Its main parts are Asker, Gullhella, Vollen, Vettre, Blakstad, Bleiker, Borgen, Drengsrud, Dikemark, Vardsen, Engelsrud, Holmen, Hn, Hvalstad, Billingstad, Nesya, Nesbru, and Heggedal. Asker is a coastal place with many beaches, but also contains hills and woods. The district is known for many important businesses. It is also known for gardening. The Skaugum estate, where Crown Prince Haakon of Norway lives with his family, is situated here. The first IKEA store outside of Sweden opened at Slependen in Asker in 1963.

As part of the municipality reform process instigated by Minister of Local Government Jan Tore Sanner the municipalities of Asker, Hurum and Ryken evaluated if they should merge into a new common municipality during the first half of 2016. A tentative agreement was reached and on 16 June 2016 the Municipal Council of Ryken approved the merger with Asker and Hurum with 24 votes for and 3 against. On 14 June 2016 the Municipal Council of Asker also approved the merger with 42 votes for and 5 against. A few days later the Municipal Council of Hurum followed suit and approved the merger. The proposed merger date is 1 January 2020 and the new name will be Asker. The administrative center will still be Asker.

Although Asker is principally a rural municipality, the expansion of Oslo has resulted in its becoming an affluent suburb. Thus numerous celebrities now reside in the area. According to SSB (Statistics Norway), Asker ranks as the 2nd wealthiest municipality in Norway based on median household income. Asker is also the home of the Frisk Tigers, who won the Norwegian Hockey championship in 1975, 1979, and 2002. Asker Skiklubb is the largest sports club in Norway. It has a long history dating back to 1889. Many of Asker's famous people have been successful individuals associated with the sports club. The city is the home of Asker svmmeklubb. Asker women's football club has been home to many international players including four who played in the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup in China.