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It's been a hectic few we

It's been a hectic few weeks and I want apologize for being so dormant with my art. I've been preparing for Burning Man and I couldn't be more excited to create with so many talented musicians and artists in the next 10-12 days of my life. It's a true blessing to be headed Home this year. See you all in the dust! I'll be camped at 8:30 & A with Campoline! )'( #love #magic #art #artist #artistic #artistsoninstagram #artistic_nation #artistic_unity_ #artistic_share #art #mandala #mandalaart #mandalamagic #mandalamaze #mandaladesign #mandaladoodle #mandaladrawing #drawing #illustration #wip #workinprogress

august bank holiday will

august bank holiday will bring the last of the summer fetes, harvest is starting and soon the children will be back at school, the swallows are already gathering on the lines, so now is the time for summers swan song. The WI have been putting up yards and yards of home made bunting around the village green, pennants recognisable as last summers dresses. The big marquee is up and trestle tables are being set out and a big rope barrier marks out an arena in the centre of the green. Someone is testing the tanoy, one two, one two he broadcasts, ready for when he will have to announce the afternoons events, a dog show, with prizes given not only for obedience and beauty, but also for the waggiest tail and the wettest nose. the Morris men with bells on their ankles and white hankies in their hands, clacking their sticks and jumping in time to the accordion player. The ladies are laying out their cakes and jams in the marquee, after dark it will become the beer tent, but for now it houses the craft fair, and the flower show. Around the edge of the green children with painted faces race between the cocoanut shy, the wellie throwing pitch and the dunk the vicarstall. The tanoy anounces the tug of war the rugby team and the young farmers are on their respective lines warming up, Fat Tony is the anchor man for the younmg farmers, he has the rope wound around his waist, and digs his heals into the turf as the umpire shouts take up the slack, the battle comences, the crowd and the teams are all shouting, one,two, three, heave, one, two, three,heave, the knot in the centre of the rope moves first one way then the other, either side of the line, divots of grass fly from the studded boots of the teams, then at last, one team gets the upper hand, Fat Tony falls, and the battle is won. finally the summer fete is over, but only a few weeks lay ahead before harvest festival and bonfire night, the calendar turns and there is always something to celebrate #creative_display_ #arte_minimal #creativegrammer #createcaptura #artselect #moodcommunity #ilikeitlikethis #artistic_unity_ #magic_shots #girlscreating

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Princess Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso conceived the piece in 1837 and persuaded Franz Liszt to assemble a set of variations of the march along with five of his pianist-friends. Liszt composed the introduction, second variation, connecting sections and finale, and integrated the piece into an artistic unity. Five well-known composer-performers each contributed one variation: Frdric Chopin, Carl Czerny, Henri Herz, Johann Peter Pixis and Sigismond Thalberg. Princess Belgiojoso commissioned Hexameronthe title refers to the Biblical six days of creationfor a benefit concert for the poor on 31 March 1837 at the princess's salon in Paris. The musicians did not complete the piece on time, but the concert was held as scheduled. The concert's highlight was a piano "duel" between Thalberg and Liszt for the title of "greatest pianist in the world." Princess Belgiojoso announced her diplomatic judgment: "Thalberg is the first pianist in the worldLiszt is unique." Hexameron is divided into nine parts: Introduction: Extremement lent (Liszt) Tema: Allegro marziale (transcribed by Liszt) Variation I: Ben marcato (Thalberg) Variation II: Moderato (Liszt) Variation III: di bravura (Pixis) - Ritornello (Liszt) Variation IV: Legato e grazioso (Herz) Variation V: Vivo e brillante (Czerny) - Fuocoso molto energico; Lento quasi recitativo (Liszt) Variation VI: Largo (Chopin) - (coda) (Liszt) Finale: Molto vivace quasi prestissimo (Liszt) Pianists Ingolf Wunder, Raymond Lewenthal, Leslie Howard, Francesco Nicolosi and Marc-Andr Hamelin, among others, have recorded the piece. Liszt made arrangements of the piece for piano and orchestra (S.365b) and for two pianos (S.654). Pianists Ingolf Wunder, Leslie Howard and Eugene List recorded the orchestral version. In 2009, six New York-based composer-pianistsMatthew Cameron, Corbin Beisner, Simone Ferraresi, Quentin Kim, Greg Anderson, and Hwaen Chu'qicreated their own Hexameron Variations based on the same Bellini "March". It premiered at the 2010 American Liszt Society Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska, US.

From inception in 1999 to 2010, the award was administered by the State Library of Australia and known as the Victorian Premier's Prize for Young Adult Fiction. In 2011 stewardship changed to the Wheeler Centre where the prize was re-launched with a new name, rules and prize amount. According to the State Library of Australia, "This prize [was] offered for a published work of fiction or collection of short stories written for a readership between the ages of 13 and 18. Publishers may consider submitting books that are appropriate to young adult readers but not published under a young adult imprint. Literary merit is the major judging criterion. In the case of illustrated books, the additional criterion of literary and artistic unity is considered." Blue ribbon () = winner. 2011Doug MacLeod, The Life of a Teenage Body-Snatcher Cath Crowley, Graffiti Moon Cassandra Golds, The Three Loves of Persimmon 2012Vikki Wakefield, All I Ever Wanted John Larkin, The Shadow Girl Doug MacLeod, The Shiny Guys 2013 Presented in January 2014 (see 2014 entry) for books published in 2013. 2014Vikki Wakefield, Friday Brown Fiona Wood, Wildlife Barry Jonsberg, My Life as an Alphabet