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Had an amazing day explor

Had an amazing day exploring temples around Angkor Wat Cambodia today. . Everything was going perfect until that three year old on my back got "tired"... less than one minute after this photo was taken my entire back, neck and head were covered in vomit . Turns out "tired" is now code for "I'm gonna puke so please just hold me mom so I'm not in this alone" Needless to say, that ended the days explorations. Amazingly enough, even though I was covered in puke, he hardly got any on himself . . . . . . . . . #angkorwat #keepingitreal #travelmoments #reallife #bringthekids #travelwithkids #travelwithchildren #cambodian #cambodia #visitcambodia #ancientruins #worldschool #worldschooling #fulltimefamily #digitalnomads #digitalnomadlife #familyvacay #familyholidays #familyadventure #familytravel #visitasia #takethekids #familygoals #travellingthroughtheworld #travellingwithkids #worldtravel

SambathAngkorWatTours: We

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After underestimating the effort of his wife, a husband wakes up only to find himself in the shoe of a woman. He then experiences the work, worries, and pain the average household wife usually encounters.

The falsely groundless rumor about a Thai Actress, Suvanant Kongyingclaiming that Angkorwat belonged to Thailand led All Thai Television series and movies that were once viewed on Khmer Channels to shut down for 5 years. Within the 5 years, nearly 60 Khmer movies were released each year. There were many big-scale films released within this 5 year-term: The Snake King's Child (2001), Tum and Teav:Romeo and Juliet (2003), Neang Neath (2004), The Crocodile (2005, and The Snake King's Grandchild (2006). More than 400 Cambodian films were released in this period of time. List of Cambodian films of 2000 List of Cambodian films of 2001 List of Cambodian films of 2002 List of Cambodian films of 2003 List of Cambodian films of 2004 List of Cambodian films of 2005 List of Cambodian films of 2006 List of Cambodian films of 2007 List of Cambodian films of 2008 List of Cambodian films of 2009

Pisnoka (1970-1975), owned by actor Vann Vannak, and all films of which he plays the leading male role Sovann Kiri (1972-1984), a now-defunct Khmer-Thai joint film company owned by movie stars Dy Saveth and Hui Keung; ran in Cambodia 1972-1975; ran in Hong Kong 1975-1984

Khmer Entertainment Inc. (since 2005), CEO Lim Cheang; an entertainment promotion company targeting Cambodian Americans; sponsors high-profile singers in Cambodia and holds large scale performances in various US cities

Notable Cambodian film producers and directors include: Fey Som Ang (1989present), Cambodian film director; also associated with Thai film productions Parn Puong Bopha (1989present), Cambodian film director Kong Buncheun, novelist; music composer, producer, and director since the 1950s Tea Lum Kang, Chinese-Cambodian film director of the 1970s; directed the Cambodian film Pos Keng Kang Huy Kung, Chinese-Cambodian film director of the 1970s and 80s Brendan Moriarty (2003-present), American-Cambodian director and producer Rithy Panh (1988present), French-trained Cambodian producer Ieu Pannakar, film director since the 1950s and 60s Channy Peakdey, film director since 1989; directed the 1994 version of Promatt Promong Tim Pek (1975present), Australian-Cambodia film director and producer Dy Saveth, film producer and actress from the 1970s; also associated with Thai film productions King Norodom Sihanouk, former king; directed more than 46 Khmer films, 43 of which were produced after his abdication in 1955 Yvette Som (1990present), producer of Angkorwat studio films Mao Somnang, Cambodian novelist and screenwriter of the 1980s and 90s Tat Somnang, Cambodian, singer, producer, and film director of the 1970s Vann Vannak, film director and actor from the 1970s