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Driving fast the wrong wa

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In the TV series One Foot in the Grave there are often references to places within Luton. The script-writer David Renwick was brought up in the town. The town was mentioned several times in the seminal sketch show Monty Python's Flying Circus. In one sketch a rather half-hearted hijacker demands that a plane headed for Cuba be diverted to Luton. Luton is one of the constituencies returning a "Silly Party" victory in the famous sketch Election Night Special. In the Piranha Brothers sketch Spiny Norman lived in a hangar at Luton Airport, which the brothers destroy with an atomic bomb, causing the police to "finally sit up and take notice". A 1976 episode of the sci-fi series Space: 1999 was called "The Rules of Luton", inspired by the town name. The well known comedian Eric Morecambe frequently made references to Luton Town FC, due to him being a former chairman of the club, as well as living in close proximity to Luton in Harpenden.

Chochilaicussee Hugleik and Hygelacc. 515 AD, First Danish King mentioned by Gregory of Tours (538594). Hugleik, according to the written sources suffered a defeat in 515 during a naval expedition to the Frankish Empire. Hugleik is the first Danish king mentioned in European sources. Ongendus (Angantyr): c.710 Saint Willibrord wrote about when he visited the Danes, at the time ruled by Ongendus. Harald, named as former king in relating 9th century events, perhaps model for legendary Harald Wartooth. Related to the Frisian king Redbad II who in 754 had to flee to "the land of the Danes" where king Harald reigned ("Daniae Regi Heraldi"). Sigfred: 770s790s Gudfred: 804810 mentioned as Danish king in the Treaty of Heiligen 811. Hemming: 810811/812 The Treaty of Heiligen was signed in 811 between the Danish King Hemming and Charlemagne. Sigfred, nephew of Gudfred, and Anulo (Anlaufr), nephew of Harald, fought for throne and both were killed, perhaps model for legendary Sigurd Hring: c.812 Harald Klak and his brothers Ragnfrid and Hemming Halfdansson: 812813 and again from 819/827. From 826 he and his household lived in exile with the Frankish emperor Louis the Pious, he was baptized by the bishop of Mainz in Ingelheim am Rhein. The last reference of Harald in the written sources are in the Annals of Fulda this records his execution for treason in 852. Sons of Gudfred: 814820s Horik I: (814) 827854. king of the Danes (at first ruling jointly with his unnamed brothers). The Frankish annals mention Horik on numerous occasions during the next couple of decades. Horik II: 850s860s. He is believed to have been the immediate successor of Horik I, but the annals are silent about the name of the Danish king for a few years after the disaster of 854. In 857, Horik II allowed Rorik to occupy the part of the kingdom between the sea and the Eider. Horik II was still alive in 864, when a letter was addressed to him by Pope Nicholas I. Late 9th century kings Bagsecg: c.860s871 Halfdan: 871877 Sigfred: c.873891 It is generally assumed that he was the immediate successor of Horik II, although that is not certain. His year of succession is unknown, but it was between 864 (when Horik II was still king) and his first appearance as king in the Frankish annals in 873. Sigifrid was baptized in 882. Gudfred: 880s Heiligo (Halga): 890s The "House of Olaf": late 9th century and early 10th century.. This dynasty is mentioned in the two Sigtrygg Runestones raised shortly after 934. The two inscriptions are evidence for the House of Olaf controlling at least part of Denmark.Olof Gyrd and Gnupa Sigtrygg Harthacnut I (Hardeknud): 936940 Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (da: Sigurd Orm-i-je or Snogeje). Mentioned by Chronicon Roskildense and Ragnarssona ttr. Said to be king of Zealand and Scania, and son of Ragnar Lodbrok. Ragnar Lodbrok was a legendary king probably in the 9th century, is mentioned in multiple sources, but the sources are wildly inconsistent.