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Band: Inanimate Existence

Band: Inanimate Existence Album: Underneath A Melting Sky Year: 2017 Genre: Technical Death Metal | Progressive Death Metal Country: United States (Santa Cruz, California) Label: The Artisan Era #technicaldeathmetal #progressivedeathmetal #technicaldeathmetalorg #staytech #deathmetal #brutaldeathmetal #slammingbrutaldeathmetal #deathcore #metalcore #metal #heavymetal #progressivemetal #blackmetal #metalhead #staytech #music #metalmusic #art #art #artist #slam #proggresive #alien #aliens #aliencore #brutalheads #metalband

WONDER WOMEN - 3-for-1...

WONDER WOMEN - 3-for-1...even now in 2017 Hollywood often struggles to find even one solid female character to populate a film, ALIENS had Ripley, Vasquez and one of the most iconic villains in cinema history, the alien queen. So much female bad-assery in one movie--hell, even Newt was a hardcore survivor when all was said and done. You don't need me to go into why they're featured here... #wonderwomen #aliens #ripley #vasquez #alienqueen

Started the colours for i

Started the colours for issue 1 of Orion! Excited aiming to sell a few things at a convention next year so need to be prepared! Remember you can start reading this comic at: #scificomic #comicartist #comic #comicsofinstagram #comics #orionrobot #orion #orioncomic #scififan #spacefantasy #space #robots #robotcomic #wip #sketch #comicssketching #sketching #artoftheday #artstagram #comicoftheday #conceptart #concept #aliens #alienconcept #comicpanel #comicwip #comiccolour #colour #colouring #color

Outro artista

Esse  um l

Outro artista Esse um livro de fico cientfica, se voc um amante da natureza, talvez devesse ler esse livro, se a famlia e tudo para voc, ento voc deveria ler esse livro, se a amizade, a unio, o companheirismo so importantes para voc, ento voc precisa ler este livro, se tem esprito de aventura, e gosta de descobrir novos horizontes, leia esse livro, se voc no nada disso, ento voc precisa ler esse livro, talvez se surpreenda com voc mesmo. LANAMENTO! Para quem busca um livro diferenciado, atravs tambm de imagens e desenhos (feitos pelo autor), voc no pode deixar de ler "Muito Alm De Um Sonho"! Viaje para um novo mundo em outro planeta, que narra a aventura de uma famlia que por um acidente do destino, atravessa um portal dimensional que os leva a um planeta desconhecido, em outra galxia. Este lugar habitado por seis raas aliengenas, e a famlia passar por grandes desafios e aventuras para retornar Terra. Adquira o seu: #ficcaocientifica #fico #ficcao #aventura #espaosideral #espaco #livro #livros #livrosdefico #livrodeficcaocientifica #leitura #leia #Amazon #livraria #escritor #alien #aliens #venda #vendas #brasil #livrodigital #livroempdf #lancamento #livronovo #literatura #amazonbooks #book #books #reading #livrosdigitais

Finally got round to fini

Finally got round to finishing this sculpture of Blorax Glutingham III, self proclaimed ruler of Suffolk and the evilest overlord east anglia has ever known (although it's quite possible he's the only overlord they've ever known). Although he looks grumpy, those in the know will tell you he's actually a thoroughly nice chap. This was originally just meant to be a concept sculpt for a bit of fun, but I've decided to mould him now and turn him into a silicone puppet, so more to come! #practicaleffects #puppet #puppets #alien #sculpture #sfx #specialeffects #clay #sculpt #aliens #overlord #evil #art #craft #maker #crafts #creature #creaturedesign #character #bigmouth #wrinkly #propmaker #prop #props #p #ugly #characterdesign

"Phoenix Lights" - A larg

"Phoenix Lights" - A large and dark triangular UFO was witnessed in at least 5 other cities on March 13, 1997. The unknown six points lights were initially spotted over Superstition Mountains, east of the city, at about 7:30 PM. A total of 8 connected lights, with a separate ninth, moved in unison. Some witness described the UFO a very clear "V" shape, moving silent and slowly. "Luzes de Phoenix" - Um enorme e negro UFO triangular foi observado num mnimo de 5 cidades em 13/03/1997. Os 6 pontos de luz desconhecidos foram notados inicialmente sobrevoando Superstition Mountains, na parte oriental da cidade, ao redor de 19:30h. Um total de 8 luzes conectadas, com uma nona separada, moviam-se em unssono. Algumas testemunhas descreveram o UFO no formato claro de um "V", movendo-se devagar e silenciosamente. #ufology #ufologia #aliens #extraterrestres Dont forget to follow us on facebook for more content! Link on bio description

ROSHAR BEAUTY from his de

ROSHAR BEAUTY from his demo at @themakeupshow Dallas. I had the pleasure of capturing this gorgeous artMakeup by @rosharofficial ----------------------------------- Photography: @cozzette #cozzette #tmsdallas model @v__leriya makeup #roshar using @danessa_myricks pigments and glitters. @cozzette brushes and eyeshadows. @ajcrimson cream @kevynaucoin sensual skin enhancer @embryolisseusa @beautyblender #tribal #aliens

Working on the second to

Working on the second to last page of my comics prologue! Been difficult to find the spare time to fully sit down and get this done but getting there! Remember you can start reading this comic at: #scificomic #comicartist #comic #comicsofinstagram #comics #orionrobot #orion #orioncomic #scififan #spacefantasy #space #robots #robotcomic #wip #sketch #comicssketching #sketching #artoftheday #artstagram #comicoftheday #conceptart #concept #aliens #alienconcept #comicpanel #comicwip #comiccolour

An extract on #aliens

Gordon Carroll, David Giler, and Walter Hill of Brandywine Productions, who produced the first film and its later sequels, served as executive producers on Aliens. They were interested in a follow-up to Alien as soon as its 1979 release, but the new management at 20th Century Fox postponed those plans until 1983. Brandywine picked Cameron to write after reading his script for The Terminator; when that film became a hit in 1984, Fox greenlit Aliens with Cameron as director and a budget of approximately $18 million. It was filmed in England at Pinewood Studios and at a decommissioned power plant in Acton, London. Aliens was released on July 18, 1986 and grossed $180 million worldwide. It was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including a Best Actress nomination for Sigourney Weaver, winning both Sound Effects Editing and Visual Effects. It won eight Saturn Awards (Best Science Fiction Film, Best Actress for Weaver, Best Supporting Actor for Paxton, Best Supporting Actress for Goldstein, and Best Direction and Best Writing for Cameron), and a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. Empire magazine voted it the 'Greatest Film Sequel Of All Time'. Aliens was the seventh highest-grossing film of 1986 in North America. A sequel, Alien 3, was released in May 22, 1992, with Weaver's reprising her role as Ellen Ripley and Henriksen as Bishop in the film.

Ellen Ripley has been in stasis in a shuttle for 57 years. She is rescued and debriefed by her employers at the Weyland-Yutani Corporation; they are skeptical of her claims that an Alien creature killed her entire crew and forced her to destroy her ship the Nostromo, and revoke her flight officer license. The exomoon LV-426, where the Nostromo encountered the derelict ship containing alien eggs, is now home to the terraforming colony Hadleys Hope. When contact is lost with the colony, Weyland-Yutani representative Carter Burke and Colonial Marine Lieutenant Gorman ask Ripley to accompany Burke and a colonial marine unit to investigate the disturbance. Traumatized by her encounter with the alien, Ripley initially refuses, but her recurring nightmares about the creature make her relent. She joins the expedition on Burke's word that their mission is to exterminate the creatures, not to study them or bring them back. Aboard the spaceship USS Sulaco, she is introduced to the colonial marines and the android Bishop, toward whom Ripley is initially hostile following her experience with the traitorous android Ash aboard the Nostromo and the Marion. A dropship delivers the expedition to the surface of LV-426, where they find the colony deserted. Inside, they find makeshift barricades and signs of a struggle, but no bodies; two live facehuggers in containment tanks in the medical lab; and a traumatized young girl nicknamed Newt, the only survivor, who used the ventilation system to evade capture or death. The crew uses the colony's computer to locate the colonists grouped beneath the fusion powered atmosphere processing station. They head to the location, descending into corridors covered in alien secretions. At the center of the station, the marines find the colonists cocooned, serving as incubators for the creatures' offspring. When the marines kill a chestburster, the other aliens are roused and ambush the marines, killing Frost, Crowe, Wiezrboswki, and Drake while capturing Apone and Dietrich to be cocooned as hosts. When the inexperienced Gorman panics, Ripley takes control of their armored personnel carrier and rams the nest to rescue marines Hicks, Hudson, and Vasquez. Hicks orders the dropship to recover the survivors, but a stowaway alien kills the pilots Spunkmeyer and Ferro, causing it to crash into the station. Ripley, Newt, Burke, Gorman, Hicks, Vasquez, Hudson, and Bishop barricade themselves inside the colony command center. Ripley discovers that Burke deliberately sent the colonists to investigate the derelict spaceship where the Nostromo crew first encountered the eggs, believing he could become wealthy by recovering alien specimens for use as biological weapons. She threatens to expose him, but Bishop informs the group of a greater danger: The power plant was damaged by the dropship crash, and will soon explode with the force of a 40-megaton thermonuclear weapon. He volunteers to crawl through several hundred meters of piping conduits to reach the colony's transmitter and remotely pilot the Sulaco's remaining dropship to the surface. Ripley and Newt fall asleep in the medical laboratory, awakening to find themselves locked in the room with the two "facehuggers", which have somehow escaped from their tanks. Ripley triggers a fire alarm to alert the marines, who rescue them and kill the creatures. Ripley accuses Burke of releasing the facehuggers so that they would impregnate her and Newt, allowing him to smuggle the embryos past Earth's quarantine, and of planning to kill the rest of the marines in hypersleep during the return trip so that no one could contradict his version of events. Before the marines can execute Burke in response to the accusation, the electricity is cut, and adult aliens assault through the ceiling. Hudson, Burke, Vasquez, and Gorman are killed in the attack, and Newt is captured. Ripley and an injured Hicks reach Bishop in the second dropship, but Ripley refuses to abandon Newt. The group travels to the processing station, allowing a heavily armed Ripley to enter the hive and rescue Newt. As they escape, the two encounter the alien queen in her egg chamber. The queen, seeing that Ripley is heavily armed and capable of destroying her eggs, signals her offspring to allow Ripley to leave. Ripley uses this opportunity to destroy the eggs and the queen's ovipositor. Pursued by the enraged queen, Ripley and Newt reunite with Bishop and Hicks on the dropship. All four escape moments before the station explodes with the colony consumed by the nuclear blast. On the Sulaco, the group is ambushed by the queen, who stowed away in the ship's landing gear. The queen tears Bishop in half and advances on Newt, but Ripley battles the creature using an exosuit cargo-loader and expels it through an airlock into space. Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and the badly damaged Bishop enter hypersleep for their return trip to Earth.