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The Juno Awards are named in honour of Pierre Juneau, the first President of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and former President of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Initially, the awards were conducted during the early part of each year. In 1984, organisers postponed that year's awards until December. A late-year scheduling was maintained until January 1988 when CARAS noted the declining viewership on the Juno broadcasts and reverted to an early-year awards schedule. That year's Juno Awards were postponed until 12 March 1989, therefore leaving the 1988 calendar year without a ceremony.

Award names have changed through the years, most notably the switch in 2003 from the phrase "Best..." to " ... of the year". The previous awards are listed under their present names or the present award that is most similar. There are currently 44 awards. Aboriginal Album of the Year Adult Alternative Album of the Year Adult Contemporary Album of the Year Album of the Year Alternative Album of the Year Artist of the Year Blues Album of the Year New Artist of the Year New Group of the Year Recording Package of the Year Children's Album of the Year Classical Album of the YearSolo or Chamber Ensemble Classical Album of the YearLarge Ensemble or Soloist(s) with Large Ensemble Accompaniment Classical Album of the YearVocal or Choral Performance Classical Composition of the Year Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year Country Album of the Year Dance Recording of the Year Electronic Album of the Year Juno Fan Choice Award International Artist of the Year International Album of the Year International Single of the Year Francophone Album of the Year Group of the Year Instrumental Album of the Year Juno International Achievement Award Jack Richardson Producer of the Year Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year Music DVD of the Year Pop Album of the Year R&B/Soul Recording of the Year Rap Recording of the Year Recording Engineer of the Year Recording Package of the Year Reggae Recording of the Year Rock Album of the Year Roots & Traditional Album of the YearSolo Roots & Traditional Album of the YearGroup Single of the Year Songwriter of the Year Traditional Jazz Album of the Year Vocal Jazz Album of the Year Video of the Year World Music Album of the Year

In 1932, he and his wife successfully sued MGM in the English courts for invasion of privacy and libel in connection with the film Rasputin and the Empress. The alleged libel was not that the character based on Felix had committed murder but that the character based on Irina, called "Princess Natasha" in the film, was portrayed as having been seduced by the lecherous Rasputin. In 1934, the Yusupovs were awarded 25,000 damages, an enormous sum at the time, which was attributed to the successful arguments of their counsel, Sir Patrick Hastings. The disclaimer that now screens at the end of every American film, "The preceding was a work of fiction, any similarity to a living person etc.," first appeared as a result of the legal precedent set by the Yusupov case. In 1965, he also sued CBS in a New York court for televising a play based upon the Rasputin assassination. The claim was that some events were fictionalized, and under a New York City statute, his commercial rights in his story had been misappropriated. The last reported judicial opinion in the case was a ruling by New York's second highest court that the case could not be resolved upon briefs and affidavits but must go to trial. According to an obituary of CBS's lawyer, CBS eventually won the case. In 1928, after Yusupov published his memoir detailing the killing of Rasputin, Rasputin's daughter, Maria, sued Yusupov and Dmitri in a Paris court for damages of $800,000. She condemned both men as murderers and said any decent person would be disgusted by the ferocity of Rasputin's killing. Maria's claim was dismissed. The French court ruled that it had no jurisdiction over a political killing that had occurred in Russia.