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Solar eclipse 2017. This

Solar eclipse 2017. This was hard to do without the proper lens filter but I still managed to pull it off. No silly Photoshop...nothing. Just raw photos! . Too bad Toronto only got 70% coverage of the eclipse. . . . . . #camera_gimmicks #solareclipse #fatalframes #theimaged #thecreatorclass #agameoftones #artofvisuals #instamagazine_ #untoldvisuals #visualsoflife #createcommune #createexplore #streetdreamsmag #liveofadventure #master_shots #ig_masterpiece #visualofstreet #VisualArchitects #globalcapture #aestheticshot #ig_dynamic #superhubs_shot #feedissoclean #gramkilla

That's a lot of BBLs  We

That's a lot of BBLs We take pride in being in the Top 20 of all U.S. Sculptra Practices. When you're looking for experienced Sculptra Provider, you don't have to look any further than Juvly! #aesthetics #beauty #skincare #wrinkles #antiaging #fillers #dermalfillers #beautyblog #facesculpting #injections #loveyourskin #spa #aesthetix #aestheticshot #aesthetixera #aesthetician #aestheticarmy #aestheticsarmy #aestheticclinic #aestheticmedicine #aestheticdoctor #botox #injectables #medspa #beautylover #natural #nonsurgical #skin #dermatology

For our Clients, this tra

For our Clients, this translates into great savings and amazing results! We value you above all else, and it shows in the way people talk about us. We want to save you time, money, and also give you back about 20 years. #aesthetics #beauty #skincare #wrinkles #antiaging #fillers #dermalfillers #beautyblog #facesculpting #injections #loveyourskin #spa #aesthetix #aestheticshot #aesthetixera #aesthetician #aestheticarmy #aestheticsarmy #aestheticclinic #aestheticmedicine #aestheticdoctor #botox #injectables #medspa #beautylover #natural #nonsurgical #skin #dermatology

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