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Encuentra lo que te guste y deja que te mate. #aeronutica

Tiga abad sblm Wright ber

Tiga abad sblm Wright bersaudara menerbangkan pesawat, ilmuwan Turki Usmani Ahmad Celebi bersaudara telah melakukannya. Pesawat tanpa mesin buatan Celebi berhasil terbang sejauh 3,2 km dg ketinggian 150 meter. Penemuan ini terinsipirasi oleh Surat Ar Rahman dan Surat Al Anfaal #sejarahislam #aeronutica #pesawatterbang #fakta

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Queen Elizabeth Elementary School Stewart Elementary School Perth District Collegiate Institute St. John Elementary School St. John Catholic High School Algonquin College Heritage Institute Montessori School [1]

Mike Brown, Olympian, Swimming Jared Coreau, current NHL player Les Douglas, former NHL player and winner of the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings. Sultana Frizell, Olympian, hammer throw Crispin Lipscomb, Olympian, snowboarding Ian Millar, prolific show-jumper, equestrian world champion, and Olympic silver-medalist Alexander Morris, Canadian politician and second Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba and the North-West Territories (18721878) William Richard Motherwell, Former Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture and Federal Minister of Agriculture Herbert Taylor Reade, an assistant surgeon with the 61st Regiment, he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry in the siege of Delhi in 1857. Billy Smith, Hall of Fame NHL Goaltender Floyd Smith, former NHL player and coach Gord Smith, former NHL player Evan Starkman, Reality Television Star Nicholas Tritton, Olympian, Judo

The Royal Artillery is equipped with a variety of equipment and performs a wide range of roles, including: Surveillance and Target Acquisition/Unmanned Air Systems Commando and Airborne artillery Self Propelled Artillery Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Air defence The Captain General of the regiment is Queen Elizabeth II. The post was previously known as Colonel-in-Chief until King George VI expressed the desire to be known as Captain General. The head of the regiment is the Master Gunner, St. James's Park. The Royal Regiment of Artillery comprises both Regular (full-time) and Reserve (part-time) units. The Royal Regiment of Artillery is unusual in that it has sub-units that often move between regiments, or are placed into suspended animation. See List of Royal Artillery Batteries.

101 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery (MLRS) 103 (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Regiment Royal Artillery (Field Artillery) (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers Band) 104 Regiment Royal Artillery: Equipped with the L118 light gun 105 Regiment Royal Artillery 'The Scottish & Ulster Gunners' are equipped with the L118 light gun. 106 (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery: Air defence. The Honourable Artillery Company is an Army Reserve unit based in London, technically it is not part of the Royal Regiment of Artillery although undertakes a Surveillance and Target Acquisition role and it works closely with the Royal Regiment.

The Royal Artillery field the following Close Support/Offensive Support weapons: MLRS the Multiple Launch Rocket System provides a precision fire capability out to a range of 85 km. In 2014 the dedicated 39th Regiment RA was disbanded and today the system is integrated into 1st Regiment RHA, 19th Regiment RA and 26th Regiment RA. In the future 26th Regiment will take on a dedicated precision fires role and the system will be withdrawn from 19th Regiment RA and 1st Regiment RHA. AS-90 the AS-90 is a 155mm self-propelled gun and is utilised by 1st Regiment RHA, 19th Regiment RA and 26th Regiment RA. L118 light gun the Light Gun is a 105 mm gun. It is operated by 3rd Regiment RHA, 4th Regiment RA, 7th (Para) Regiment RHA, 29 (Commando) Regt RA, as well as three Army Reserve regiments 103 Regt RA, 104 Regt RA and 105 Regt RA. Exactor (Spike NLOS) a vehicle-mounted high-precision guided missile. It is currently operated by 1st RHA, 19 RA and 26 RA, with the capability passing solely to 26 RA by 2020.