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7- Kim zerre miktar hayr yapmsa onu grr. 8- Kim de zerre miktar er ilemise onu grr. #zilzalsuresi Kur'an- Kerim - Sf- 599 ! 124- Erkek olsun, kadn olsun, her kim de mmin olarak iyi iler yaparsa, ite onlar cennete girerler ve zerre kadar hakszla uratlmazlar. 4- #nisasuresi kurankerim - Sf -97 ! Rahmetli #mcahid #timurtauar #Timurtahoca #Bedizzaman #SaidNursi ve #RisaleiNur hakkndaki grleri..! Bu ayn zamanda asil msluman milletinin cok ail olarak en garibzzamanda #devletimizin u an bandaki erkan bata #cumhurbakanmz @rterdogan #receptayyiperdogan ve @tc_basbakan #babakan #binaliyldrm ve #devletbaheli ve #adaletvekalknmapartisi #akparti #milliyetihareketpartisi #mhp ve tm #bakanlar #bakanlklar dan ook ge kalm bir talebdir.. Bu hayat memat meselesi ve #ftrat kanunudur..! Ve #dnyaveahiret Saadetinin de tek artdr! ! #Osmanlca #kelimeler inin imdiki nesillerce bilinmemesi bir maraz dr.Dil asndan bir fakirliktir. Bu hastaln tedavisi #risaleinur un #kuran #tevsir i olmas dnda ayn zamanda bir #tecdid vazifesi grmesinden, yaplmas zaruriyat- asliye halindeki eitim ve retimde iin ehilleri #risaleinurtalebeleri tarafindan tatbik sahasina konulmaldr..! ! #hadisiserif te Resul-i Ekrem Efendimiz (a.s.m.) bir hadislerinde yle buyururlar: slmda iyi bir r aan kimseye, bunun sevab vardr. O rda yryenlerin sevabndan da kendisine verilir. Fakat onlarn sevabndan hibir ey eksilmez. Her kim de slmda kt bir r aarsa, o kiiye onun gnah vardr. O rda yryenlerin gnahndan da ona pay ayrlr. Fakat onlarn gnahndan da hibir ey eksilmez.(Mslim, Zekt, s. 69) ! - Ftraf kanunlar:Cenab- Allah'n, "detullah," "snnetullah" diye tabir ettiimiz kinatta vaz ettii ve lemde cri olan kanunlar ile insann mahiyetine dercettii kanunlarnn hey'et-i mecmuasdr. Bu kanunlarn bir ksmi, kinatta cr olan kanunlardr ki, bu kanunlar bugnk tatbk ilimler kefetmektedirler.Mesel, yerekimi kanunu, suyun kaldrma kanunu gibi..Dier ksm, insann hilkatine dercedilmi kanunlardr !

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The town has several public parks, the largest one being the Walks, a historic 17 hectare urban park in the centre of King's Lynn. The Walks is the only surviving town walk in Norfolk from the 18th century. The Heritage Lottery Fund donated 4.3 million towards restoration on the park, including the addition of modern amenities. The Walks is also the location of the Red Mount, a Grade II-listed 15th century chapel. In 1998, the Walks was designated by English Heritage as a Grade II National historic park. The Walks as a whole had a different and earlier origin, in that it was at first conceived not as a municipal park, as one understands the term today, but as a single promenade for the citizens away from the smell, grime and bustle of the town centre. Harding's Pits is another public park and lies to the south of the town. It is an attractive informal area of open space with large public sculptures erected to reflect the history of the town. Harding's Pits is managed by local volunteers under a management company and has so far successfully fought off the Borough Council's attempts to turn it into an attenuation drain.

King's Lynn is the primary retail centre in West Norfolk, as well as being the principal centre for people living outside the border of West Norfolk. The town centre is dominated by budget shops reflecting the spending power of much of the population. The town centre fulfils a leisure role with entertainment centres, bars and restaurants, and has a range of service functions. There are around 5,300 retailing jobs. The town centre has 73,000 sq.m. of retail floor space in 347 shops, which is greater than the comparable centres of Bury St Edmunds and Boston. However, whilst the percentage of floor space in comparison shopping and that occupied by multiple retailers is above the national average, King's Lynn offers limited range of choice.

A 7 million programme to redevelop King's Lynn's Town Centre's infrastructure is due for completion in 2011. The majority of the money is provided by the Community Infrastructure Fund. The department programme is a collection of smaller developments which are detailed below. Work on a cycle and bus route between the town centre and South Lynn was started in June 2010 at a cost of 850,000. It will be 720 metres long, running from Morston Drift to Millfleet, with buses travelling in both directions. It will feature a separate path for pedestrians and bicycles, which will coincide with the bus route when crossing the Nar sluice. As part of the development, the MillfleetSt James' Road junction will be developed to cope with the expected increase in bus and bike traffic. A contraflow lane for bicycles was proposed, but will not be built along Norfolk Street from Albert Street to Blackfriars Road. This would have included a development of the Norfolk RoadRailway Road junction to better accommodate buses and bicycles. Similar work was to have taken place at the Norfolk StreetLittleport Street junction, so that buses would not get caught in the town-centre gyratory system. Bus priority measures will be added to four sets of traffic lights along St James' Road. This will give buses quicker access to the town centre and normalise journey times. Southgates Roundabout has also been redeveloped. Many of its approach roads will be widened in the run up to the junction and the road markings will be redone in an attempt to improve lane discipline. Southgates Roundabout is a noted congestion hot spot. Other small developments are taking place to make junctions more car-friendly.