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This here is The Head of

This here is The Head of Diogo Alves. Diogo, known as the Aqueduct Killer, was active from 1836-1839. The man somehow got a key to the aqueduct. He would hide, and When people would pass, he would rob and Shoot them. People thought these murders were suicides, until a family of 4 was killed. For this, Diogo was sentenced to hang. Diogo was put to death on February 19, 1841. Scientists saved his head, with hopes of studying him to understand why people kill. The severed head is currently in the anatomical theater of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon. #morbidnmacabre #tcc #tc #truecrimecommunity #truecrime #serialkiller #serialkillers #morbid #macabre #oddities #weird #wwyd #strangethings #strange #decapitation #severedhead #wetspecimen #preserved

Serial Killer Patrick Mac

Serial Killer Patrick Mackay Patrick Mackay murdered at least 11 people in England back in the 70's. He suffered the loss of his father at a very young age, and from that traumatizing experience began to act out. Temper tantrums, anger, animal cruelty, arson. He stole, bullied younger children, and even attempted to murder his mother and aunt. Then he tried to kill another child. As a young adult, he became fascinated with Hitler. He grew up shuffling from one institution to the next, and one of his doctors is quoted saying he grow up to be a Cold, calculating psychopath. 1973, he becomes extremely close to a priest, Father Anthony Crean. He still robs the priests house. He's arrested, and ordered to pay a fine. March 21 1975 Patrick used an axe to kill Father Crean. He was quickly arrested on suspicion of murder. Patrick was charged with five murders, but two of those cases were dropped for lack of evidence. He was convicted and sentenced to life. These are some prison journal entries Patrick wrote in 1975: September 25: Up until his death my father used to get violently drunk, shout, scream and always when he was like this beat me with the back of his hand and sometimes his fist. He must... Serial Killer Patrick Mackays prison journal excerpts from 1975: September 25: Up until his death my father used to get violently drunk, shout, scream and always when he was like this beat me with the back of his hand and sometimes his fist. He must have had a tremendous drinking problem, but of course he would never say so. I remember that my father never at all hit my two sisters when drunk, but only me and my mother. He would make a lot of filthy accusations towards her. This would take place usually Friday nights and Saturday nights. It was plain bloody regular. *continued in comments* @crystalbearrington #tc#tcc #morbidnmacabre #serialkillers #serialkiller #truecrimecommunity #morbid #macabre #oddities #psychopath #sociopath #dp #deathrow #deathpenalty

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Theodore "T.C." Calvin, a character on the TV series Magnum, P.I. Tom Caron, American television host for New England Sports Network Top Cat, a cartoon character BBC Television Centre, a studio and office complex whose name is abbreviated to TC, and whose studios are numbered TC0-TC12

TC Electronic, a Danish manufacturer of studio equipment and guitar effects Air Tanzania (IATA code TC) Teachers College, Columbia University, a graduate school of education in New York City Telecom Cambodia, a telecom company in Cambodia Tierra Comunera, a Spanish political party Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc (NYSE: TC), a diversified mining company Transport Canada, a Canadian federal government department

Technetium (symbol Tc), a chemical element Temperature coefficient Critical temperature (Tc) Convective temperature (Tc) Curie temperature (Tc) Teracoulomb, an SI unit for electric charge equal to 1012 coulombs Tesla coil, a category of high-voltage discharge coils Tonnes of Carbon (tC)

.tc, the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Turks and Caicos Islands TC (complexity), a complexity class Tc (Linux), a command-line utility used to configure network traffic control in the Linux kernel Take Command (command line interpreter), a command line interpreter by JP Software Telecine (copying), a form of digital transfer using a Telecine machine Teleconference TrueCrypt, a disk encryption software Trusted Computing, a scheme for adding additional controls on what computers may or may not do into hardware or software

TC, a Mazda piston engine Chrysler TC by Maserati, an automobile sold by Chrysler from 1989-1991 Scion tC, a touring coupe made by Scion that's based on the Toyota Avensis Traction control system, an anti-slip automobile subsystem Turn coordinator, an aircraft instrument