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In 1990, Atari released the high-end workstation-oriented Atari TT030, based on a 32 MHz Motorola 68030 processor. The "TT" name ("Thirty-two/Thirty-two") continued the nomenclature system as the 68030 chip had full 32-bit wide buses both internally and externally. Originally planned with a 68020 CPU, the TT included improved graphics and more powerful support chips. The case was a new design with an integrated hard-drive enclosure.

The ST's low cost, built-in MIDI ports, and fast, low-latency response times made it a favorite with musicians: German electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream relied heavily on the Atari ST in the studio and for live performances during the late 1980s and 1990s. The album notes for Mike Oldfield's Earth Moving state that it was recorded using an Atari ST and C-Lab MIDI software. The Fatboy Slim album You've Come A Long Way, Baby has an Atari ST in the large foldout picture of Fatboy Slim's studio. Electronic music artists Mike Paradinas and Luke Vibert started out writing music on Atari STs. In the Paris performance of Jean Michel Jarre's album Waiting for Cousteau, musicians have attached Atari ST machines with unidentified MIDI software to their keyboards, as could be seen in the TV live show and video recordings. White Town's "Your Woman", which reached #1 in the UK singles charts, was created using an Atari ST. The Utah Saints used STs during the recording of both of their albums, Utah Saints and Two Atari Teenage Riot named itself after the brand and programmed most of their music on an Atari ST, including the entire album Is This Hyperreal? (June, 2011). Cabaret Voltaire founder Richard H. Kirk said in 2016 that he continues to write music on an Atari 1040ST with a sequencer called C-Lab.

Braina, an intelligent personal assistant application with a voice interface for Windows OS. Cyc, an attempt to assemble an ontology and database of everyday knowledge, enabling human-like reasoning. Eurisko, a language by Douglas Lenat for solving problems which consists of heuristics, including some for how to use and change its heuristics. Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant with a voice interface in Google's Android and Apple Inc.'s iOS, as well as Google Chrome web browser on personal computers. James, an intelligent personal assistant application that understand questions in several languages and with mixed languages in same question. Microsoft Cortana, an intelligent personal assistant with a voice interface in Microsoft's various Windows 10 editions. Mycin, an early medical expert system. Open Assistant, an evolving open source artificial intelligence agent able to interact in basic conversation and automate an increasing number of tasks. Open Mind Common Sense, a project based at the MIT Media Lab to build a large common sense knowledge base from online contributions. P.A.N., a publicly available text analyzer. Siri, an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator with a voice-interface in Apple Inc.'s iOS. SNePS, a simultaneously a logic-based, frame-based, and network-based knowledge representation, reasoning, and acting system. Viv (software) a new AI invented by the creators of Siri Holmes a new AI created by Wipro Watson, a question answering system developed by IBM. Has played the Jeopardy! game show. Wolfram Alpha, an online service that answers queries by computing the answer from structured data.