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I finally tried the pecan

I finally tried the pecan bar! I can't believe I waited so long. It was as good as everyone else said it was. The black water was also a first for me. I'm not too sure how I feel about it. Also it's TACO TUESDAY so of course I had to have potato tacos. plus I'm wearing my happy blouse and cardigan (they're both yellow). Today was Amazing!! #greedyvegan #happyday #bestlife #work #lunchtime #breaktime #goodfood #goodpeople #bestjob #iloveit #happygirl #vegan #vegansofig #veganfood #veganmom #plantbased #lavidaesbuena #california #caribbeangirl

This pic in my crazy mind

This pic in my crazy mind is so powerful to me in so many ways. I see my growing princess looking at piece and very in touch and happy in her life. She has everything to gain with nothing to lose in her eyes. Love and peace all around her. She's on top of the world.Then when I look at the reflection in the water it reminds me as she grows my baby gonna be hurt,depressed,heartbreak,poisoned with people's crap and not feeling on top of the world at times,but down not wanting to get up. As much as it put my heart in the worst way,this is where as parents at this age in life we have to step up and build that strong force field around them to get through the hardest of times. The down times no matter what are coming but we need to mold her mind to get through them. Me and my mom don't have the relationship I would love,but I can say while most my friends got away with murder and ran over their parents had it easy. My mom put me through shit I didn't understand and hated and I saw her get through the hard times and strength she had that now in my life I'm going through the hardest of times but I have so much strength to get through it even though I feel as low and not to potential I ever have. My force field will not be broke. I have a purpose beyond me and I will fufiill it. @avianasworld #reflections #parenting #realtalk #keeppushing #life #daddysnumber1 #daddyslittlegirl #princess #love #igotyou #mylife #fatherhood #dadsanddaughters #protecther #buildingabond #buildaforcefeild #motivation #mensmotivation #photography #coolpic #s8pictures #pond #beautifulmixedkids #happygirl #nevergiveup #steppingstones #photoporn #nature #atpeace #riseup

Jaaaaa de keuken is BIJNA

Jaaaaa de keuken is BIJNA af! Het is voor mij de belangrijkste plek in huis aangezien ik hier veel tijd doorbreng en het moet daarom een fijn plekje worden. En dat lukt aardig Een van de dingen waar ik onwijs blij mee ben is mijn aanrechtblad, omdat deze zwart, prachtig en zo goed als onverwoestbaar is. Voor iedereen die het leuk vindt om een kijkje te nemen in mijn nieuwe keuken maakte ik deze video. Je vindt hem hieronder en vergeet je vooral niet de abonneren op mijn kanaal!:) Vind ik leuk! #beaufood #zouikdantocheenvloggerworden? #cosentino #keuken #happygirl #Ikea #dekton #foodie

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Present-day Christian religious bodies known for conducting their worship services without musical accompaniment include some Presbyterian churches devoted to the regulative principle of worship, Old Regular Baptists, Primitive Baptists, Plymouth Brethren, Churches of Christ, Church of God (Guthrie, Oklahoma), the Old German Baptist Brethren, Doukhobors the Byzantine Rite and the Amish, Old Order Mennonites and Conservative Mennonites. Certain high church services and other musical events in liturgical churches (such as the Roman Catholic Mass and the Lutheran Divine Service) may be a cappella, a practice remaining from apostolic times. Many Mennonites also conduct some or all of their services without instruments. Sacred Harp, a type of folk music, is an a cappella style of religious singing with shape notes, usually sung at singing conventions. Opponents of musical instruments in the Christian worship believe that such opposition is supported by the Christian scriptures and Church history. The scriptures typically referenced are Matthew 26:30; Acts 16:25; Romans 15:9; 1 Corinthians 14:15; Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16; Hebrews 2:12, 13:15; James 5:13, which show examples and exhortations for Christians to sing. There is no reference to instrumental music in early church worship in the New Testament, or in the worship of churches for the first six centuries. Several reasons have been posited throughout church history for the absence of instrumental music in church worship. Christians who believe in a cappella music today believe that in the Israelite worship assembly during Temple worship only the Priests of Levi sang, played, and offered animal sacrifices, whereas in the church era, all Christians are commanded to sing praises to God. They believe that if God wanted instrumental music in New Testament worship, He would have commanded not just singing, but singing and playing like he did in the Hebrew scriptures. The first recorded example of a musical instrument in Roman Catholic worship was a pipe organ introduced by Pope Vitalian into a cathedral in Rome around 670. Instruments have divided Christendom since their introduction into worship. They were considered a Catholic innovation, not widely practiced until the 18th century, and were opposed vigorously in worship by a number of Protestant Reformers, including Martin Luther (14831546), Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin (15091564) and John Wesley (17031791). Alexander Campbell referred to the use of an instrument in worship as "a cow bell in a concert". In Sir Walter Scott's The Heart of Midlothian, the heroine, Jeanie Deans, a Scottish Presbyterian, writes to her father about the church situation she has found in England (bold added): The folk here are civil, and, like the barbarians unto the holy apostle, have shown me much kindness; and there are a sort of chosen people in the land, for they have some kirks without organs that are like ours, and are called meeting-houses, where the minister preaches without a gown.