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Explore!!! This is a collaboration where my friend @theblackbeard__ painted this awesome picture and I animated it with Plotagraph. I hope you like it!!!! Explora!!!! Esto es una colaboracin en la que mi amigo @theblackbeard__ dibuj este fantstico retrato y yo lo anim con Plotagraph. Espero que os guste!!! Picture animated with @plotagraphpro. Thanks a lot to the plotagraphpro guys, for their great software!!! Proud of being part of this family!!! Foto animada con plotagraphpro. Muchas gracias a los chicos de plotagraphpro, por su gran software!!! Orgulloso de formar parte de esta familia!!! #gopro #goproes #aov #selfiepelomondo #agameoftones #artofvisuals #go_planet #goprocatalunya #yourshotphotographer #gopro3 #gopro4 #gopro5 #goworx #awesomelifestyle #gpmundo #gprealm #instagood #instagram #instagrames #primerolacomunidad #plotagraphsocial #plotagraph #plotagraphpro #plotagraphoftheday #main_vision #awesomeearthpix #bestgoprospain #heatercentral #moodygrams @awesome_earthpix @lenspod @artofvisuals @instagood @enter.imagination @moodygrams @acreativevisual @capturedconcepts @heatercentral @plotagraphpro @goproes @instagram @instagrames @goprocatalunya @selfiepelomundo @main_vision

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During the early period of Islam, caliphs were spiritual and temporal absolute successors of the Prophet Mohammed. Various political Muslim leaders since have styled themselves Caliph and served as dynastic heads of state, sometimes in addition to another title, such as the Ottoman Sultan. Historically, some theocratic Islamic states known as imamates have been led by imams as head of state, such as in what is now Oman, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. In the modern Islamic Republic of Iran, the Supreme Leader, at present Ali Khamenei serves as head of state. The Aga Khans, a unique dynasty of temporal/religious leadership, leading an offshoot of Shia Islam in Central and South Asia, once ranking among British India's princely states, continue to the present day.

Effigies, memorials and monuments of former heads of state can be designed to represent the history or aspirations of a state or its people, such as the equestrian bronze sculpture of Kaiser Wilhelm I, first Emperor of a unified Germany erected in Berlin at the end of the nineteenth century (monument demolished 1950); or the Victoria Memorial erected in front of Buckingham Palace London, commemorating Queen Victoria and her reign (18371901), and unveiled in 1911 by her grandson, King George V; or the monument, placed in front of the Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata (Calcutta) (1921), commemorating Queen Victoria's reign as Empress of India from 1876. Another, twentieth century, example is the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a group sculpture constructed (19271941) on a conspicuous skyline in the Black Hills of South Dakota (40th state of the Union, 1889), in the midwestern United States, representing the territorial expansion of the United States in the first 130 years from its founding, which is promoted as the "Shrine of Democracy".

The lavish and spacious Planten un Blomen park (Low German dialect for "plants and flowers") located in the centre of Hamburg is the green heart of the city. Within the park you can find various thematic gardens, the biggest Japanese garden in Germany and The Alter Botanischer Garten Hamburg which is a historic botanical garden, that now consists primarily of greenhouses. The Botanischer Garten Hamburg is a modern botanical garden maintained by the University of Hamburg. Besides these, there are many more big and small parks. In 2010 Hamburg was voted "greenest city of Europe" by the EU commission. In 2014 Hamburg celebrated a birthday of park culture, where many parks were reconstructed and cleaned up. Moreover, every year there are the famous water-light-concerts in the Planten un Blomen park from May to early October.