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Amoy Operation May 1012, 1938 5th Fleet - Vice Admiral Koichi Shiozawa 9th Sentai - ? Myk [heavy cruiser]Armament: 1020 cm/50cal gun (2x5), 8-12.7 cm/40cal AA gun (2x4), 4-13.2mm AA, 861 cm TT (4x2), 2 aircraft Tama [Light cruiser]Armament 714 cm/50cal gun, 28 cm/40cal AA gun, 853 cm TT, 48 mines 10th Sentai - ? Tenry [Light cruiser]Armament: 414 cm/50cal gun, 38 cm/40cal AA gun, 653 cm TT (3x2) Tatsuta [Light cruiser]Armament: 414 cm/50cal gun, 38 cm/40cal AA gun, 653 cm TT (3x2) 1st Gunboat Unit 4 gunboats? 1st Air Sentai - ? * Kaga [aircraft carrier] 90 aircraft Fighter daitai - ? Nakajima A2N, ? Type 95 Mitsubishi A5M Bomber Daitai - ? ( Aichi D1A1s, A2's) carrier bombers Attack daitai - ? Mitsubishi B2M, ? Type 96 Yokosuka B4Y1 Torpedo bomber 3rd Air Sentai -? * Kamoi seaplane tender 12 aircraft [probably NAKAJIMA TYPE 95 RECON SEAPLANE (E8N1-DAVE)] 2nd Combined SNLF Yokosuka 2nd SNLF Kure 3rd SNLF Sasebo 7th SNLF Jinmen Garrison 1st Garrison Unit

Earlier in the Shanghai campaign the 1st Air Sentai had an escort of a 30th Tai of 4 destroyers. Formerly Kamoi had an escort of 28th Tai of 4 destroyers also. It is likely they had similar if not the same escorts here. From: History of The Sino-Japanese War (19371945) 5/10 11 Ships and 18 planes bombarded Ho-to and Ao-tou. 20 motor boats landed infantry at Wu-tung. 5/11 More landings at Huang-tso and Ta-tao. 3 destroyers and 2 Gunboats attacked the fortress there to cover the landings. This indicates there was at least one Tai of destroyers with this operation.

Amoy Defense Operation May 1012, 1938 Amoy Area - Director, Fukien Pacification HQ. - Chen Yi 75th Division - Han Wen-ying Amoy fortress Command - Kao Hsien-shen Pai-shih Fortress Yu-tse-wei Fortress (naval garrison) 2 Batteries of Fortress Garrison Forces Hui-li-shan battery Pan-shih battery

Madej, W. Victor (1981). Japanese Armed Forces Order of Battle, 1937-1945 [2 vols]. Allentown, PA. "Axis History forum: The Sino-Japanese War(Campaigns in detail)". "Axis History forum: OOB IJN Amphibious Assault Xiamen (Amoy) May 10, 1938] Maps, narrative, oob info and discussion".

The XM806 weighed about 63 pounds (29 kg) less (49% lighter), had 60% less recoil than the M2, and had a greater rate of fire than the failed previous attempt to replace the M2, the XM312. The XM806 did however have a considerably slower rate of fire than the M2. The XM806 also had improvements to user safety and was easier to disassemble. The XM806 was spun out from the cancelled XM307 and was developed by General Dynamics to augment the M2. General Dynamics received a $9 million contract for the weapon. It was expected to be deployed starting at the end of fiscal year 2012. Delays caused its planned deployment to be pushed to 2013 or 2014. The XM806 was cancelled in July 2012, with the Army using the money allocated to upgrade their M2 machine guns to the M2A1 version.