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We observed the fog roll

We observed the fog roll in from the ocean and over the islands. These islands in the foreground are the porcupine islands because they look like, well, porcupines. We've seen a lot of porcupines in our travels, one we could even pet it was so close. Anyway watching that fog sweep in was pretty amazing. #maine #207 #mainelife #capturemaine #onlyin207 #mainetheway

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Guo Jia, military advisor to Cao Cao (b. 170) L Kuang, general under Yuan Shao L Xiang, general under Yuan Shao Tadun, Wuhuan chieftain Yuan Shang, Yuan Shao's third son (beheaded) (b. 177) Yuan Xi, Yuan Shao's second son (beheaded) (b. 176) Zhang Xiu, minor warlord who later served Cao Cao

Alabama State Route 207 California State Route 207 Connecticut Route 207 Florida State Road 207 Georgia State Route 207 (former) Iowa Highway 207 (former) Kentucky Route 207 Maine State Route 207 Montana Secondary Highway 207 Nevada State Route 207 New Mexico State Road 207 New York State Route 207 North Carolina Highway 207 Ohio State Route 207 Oregon Route 207 South Carolina Highway 207 Tennessee State Route 207 Texas State Highway 207 Texas State Highway Loop 207 Utah State Route 207 (former) Vermont Route 207 Virginia State Route 207 Washington State Route 207

SR 207 begins at an intersection with US 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Ruther Glen, in an area also known as Carmel Church, in western Caroline County. The state highway heads east as Rogers Clark Boulevard, a four-lane divided highway that passes through a commercial area with services catering to travellers. Within the commercial area, SR 207 has a partial cloverleaf interchange with I-95. East of Ruther Glen, the state highway heads northeast toward Bowling Green. SR 207 crosses over CSX's RF&P Subdivision and the Mattaponi River north of the village of Milford. Southwest of Bowling Green, the state highway meets the western end of SR 207 Business, which takes the name Rogers Clark Boulevard toward the town of Bowling Green. SR 207 continues east as the Bowling Green Bypass to the route's eastern terminus. The state highway crosses over US 301 and SR 2 (Richmond Turnpike) and ends at a two-way ramp between the northsouth road and the bypass. The Bowling Green Bypass continues northeast as US 301 toward Fort A.P. Hill. The two-way ramp, which is part of US 301, leads to the Richmond Turnpike, which heads south toward Richmond as US 301 and SR 2 and north into the town of Bowling Green as SR 2 and US 301 Business.

Under a previous numbering system, State Route 207 was known as State Route 613 from 1929-1933. This Route 613 initially ran only from US 1 at Carmel Church to the Mattaponi River but, in 1930-31, was extended east to the current US 301 Business and State Route 2 intersection in Bowling Green. The route was renumbered in 1933 as Route 207, which itself had been a previous designation of part of what is now Route 24 near Roanoke. In addition to the current path of Route 207, the 1933 route included what is now Route 639 in Caroline County from Chilesburg to Ladysmith but this was renumbered as Route 229 by 1937. The route was enlarged by 1937 with the addition of a second section running from a point 2 miles (3.2 km) east of Bowling Green through Port Royal to an intersection with State Route 3 at Office Hall. Part of this route had been Route 229 from 1933. In 1941, this new section became part of U.S. Route 301 which it remains today.