Top 3 Exciting Things to Try on Instagram

YoInsta | Nov. 26, 2022, 6:54 a.m.

Top 3 Exciting Things to Try on Instagram

1. Turn photos or Stories into Reels:

While Instagram used to be just a photo-sharing app, video is the new queen. Videos on Instagram have an average engagement rate of 1.5% (it doesn't sound like much, but it's!) and generally perform better than photos - not good news if photos are your thing.
But with a little creativity, you can transform your photos into a Reel—like the example above. You don’t have to be an expert videographer to make Reels: a little music and a carefully clipped slideshow goes a long way.
You can also make Reels out of existing Stories (Instagram will even suggest it to you, see the screenshot above) or story highlights.
2. Use the updated poll sticker on Instagram Stories:
Instagram first introduced the poll sticker to Stories in 2019. The sticker is an awesome way to encourage engagement on your Stories (who doesn’t love to give their opinion) but the poll only allowed for two answer options, which was quite restrictive.
But in January 2022 the platform introduced more poll options so now, you can offer up to four answers to your poll. You can ask your followers about their favourite products, their opinions on your new launches, their favourite season, etc.
3. Make behind-the-scenes content
As beautiful as polished photos and videos are, sometimes seeing what’s behind the scenes is even more compelling.
Showing your process whether it’s how you make your soy candles, how to set up lighting for a tricky scene in an indie film, or how you get that perfect snapshot of your Insta-famous poodle helps your followers see more of who you are. It’s also an opportunity to easily double the amount of content you’re making.
The owner of this skincare company did a product photoshoot, but also made a reel showing off what all those photos looked like in her camera roll. This is an effective way to show another side of your brand to your audience (and it doesn’t require too much time or resources, either).

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