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Download Instagram Videos and Photos

YoInsta is an online web tool to help you with downloading Instagram Photos, Videos & Reels.YoInsta is designed to be easy to use on any device, such as, mobile, tablet or computer.


To download photos or videos from Instagram, you need to follow these three easy steps. See their description below.

Copy the URL

Open Instagram application or website, copy the URL of the photo, video or reels

Paste the link

Go back to Yoinsta, paste the link into the field (any link Photo, Video or Reels...)


Quickly you will get the results and click the Download button

YoInsta features

Videos Downloader

YoInsta is created to enable you to download Instagram videos for any purpose you want.

Reel Downloader

REEL is a new video format that clone the principle of TikTok. Download Instagram REEL videos with help of YoInsta. Our REEL downloader can help you to save your favorite Reels videos.

Photos Downloader

Instagram photo downloader provided by YoInsta is a great tool for saving images from Instagram posts

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1Do you have to log in to your Instagram account?

No you don’t need to log in to your account, the website doesn’t ask for any information from you, so you can download any thing from Instagram anonymously.

2 What is an Instagram Video Downloader?

It’s an online tool (web application) that enables you to download Instagram photos, videos, and Reels videos. In case you need to use it later offline. The Yoinsta Instagram downloader is the best tool for downloading from Instagram.

3What devices are compatible with the YoInsta Downloader?

The YoInsta Downloader is compatible with any device with an installed browser. You can use YoInsta from any device like mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or PC. Also, it’s run on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Linux. It has been tested and it works well with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chromium, desktop, and mobile versions.

4Are there any limits on the number of videos I can download?

No! You can download as many videos as you wish. Yoinsta Downloader is totaly free.

5 Is downloading from Instagram through the Instagram Downloader legal?

Yes. The Yo Insta Website tool for saving from Instagram is 100% safe and legal. When you save any thing that others uploaded onto their accounts, keep in mind, that you can save any content, but it’s only for personal use. Of course it’s legal to save someone’s content to view offline, but you can’t reuse it to make money from it. Otherwise, you should ask the owner and mention them whenever you publish their content.

6 Can I Download Photos & Videos from Any User?

Yes! But only from public accounts. We respect the user’s privacy/copyright. Downloading private videos through YoInsta is not available and will not be.

7 What is the highest quality of images and videos I can download?

The photos and videos’ quality really depend on the original uploaded image, but usually, the highest image resolution is 1080 x 1350 pixels, which is the limit of Instagram. As for the video it is the HD (720p) in most of the cases.